New to indoor grow

Well i have 5 la confidential 5maui wowie and 5 new york diesel…so far I lost a 1 maui and it looks that im about to loose the la…both put in seed starter pellets and put into a red dixie cup the other went right into the 5 gallon bag both watered 2 to 3 times a day i have vent fan and a fan to circulat the air i have a 1000 wat Kingled led grow light i also have a 3x2x54inch tent…the seeds sprout then die instantly the light is 48inches away its not that its not to hot steady between 73 and 77°f humidity is steady between 40 and 50% im using distilled water also have a co2 bag

… im using just natural organic soil with vermiculite…im so lost ive grown outside with hurricanes and have had no problem first time growing indoors and nothing seems to wanna start…

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What you should do is put a dime over it to help humidity and temp. And your lights should be very close to them probably say 18inches at least. I mean I’m no pro but that was my problem. Just trying to help