New to ILGM hi! Can I transplant from perlite to another bucket or leave it?


Hi ILGM! :smiley: I’m new to ILGM and new to posting in forums, so I will try my best to learn how it works, hopefully I don’t post in wrong area, etc. I’m excited to be here!
This is my first grow, using 5 gal buckets with perlite, 300w LED 9 band. Also have 2 COBS which I haven’t turned on yet. The person who was teaching me is not well, and unable to help me right now, so I am reaching out to make some new friends, and this looked like the perfect place to do that!
I have a couple of pictures, I will hopefully be able to add in, if I figure it out, haha.
My question is, well, what would you do? I was told to germinate 4 seeds, plant 2 each in a 5 gal bucket, then take out the males (if any) or the plant that doesn’t look as good. So far the two look great and I don’t see any signs of male parts. Two extra seeds ended up in the pot, and started growing. Can I transplant them into another bucket of perlite safely, they all look so healthy, and the last 2 started about 4 weeks after the first 2 plants. I am worried about overcrowding the roots, as they must be pretty big now from the first two. I am using micro and bloom for nutrients. Wise advise please?

Will this work?

We like photos. Yes, you can and should transplant when the roots and foliage are overcrowded. However, disrupting the soil and ripping tiny roots will slow the growth until the plant recovers. If you transplant, add B-1 or aloe vera if you have access to aloe vera. One healthy plant will max out a 5 gallon bucket.

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Oh wow! the whole bucket? Thanks for answering Budlite! Darn, forgot pictures, was making sure I had all the details. Ok, what’s the best way to do this? I was thinking of dumping the whole pot gently on it’s side to slide everything out slowly, and let the perlite fall away. What do you think? Then, fill new bucket 1/2 perlite, plug drain hole and fill with water, so roots can spread, while holding her with one hand, add more perlite around the edges gently, until about an inch from top again. I have an aloe vera plant, what’s the best way to administer?

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I should take pics with light off? Those are just water droplets, nothing wrong with plant.

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For aloe vera advice, read the forum thread “cloning with aloe vera” by @Mrcrabs


Are you growing in just perlite?

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yes, just perlite

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I’ve never heard of this method. Il tag in more knowledgeable members to try and help. @peachfuzz @MattyBear @blackthumbbetty @raustin @dbrn32


Thank you Amjk! I appreciate all the help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


In theory you can transplant. How well it goes will depend on condition of roots and how much they are shocked. Which is probably likely the roots are interlocked some. I’m a soil grower though, so maybe someone like @peachfuzz has some tips here?


I am sorry, but that is definitely beyond my skill set. :grinning: I’m sure somebody will get your steered the right direction.


I really appreciate everyone reaching out for me, since I don’t know anyone here yet. Thank you all! I’ll just sit tight, and won’t make a move yet…


Welcome to the forum fellow cultivator… :grin:
In a 5 gallon bucket?
How high up is your drain hole from the bottom of the bucket…?
I’m familiar with growing like this using milk jugs with four drain holes , one per side of jug about 4 inches up from the bottom… :wink:
For those of you that aren’t familiar with growing this way , it’s hydro , but a kratky version with no air stones and you drain to waste and add freash nutrients every week and top off with freash water till nutrient change out… :grin:
So what was your question again?



Essentially perlite alone acts just like coco, absorbs nute/water for slow release. Perlite is more neutral and doesn’t absorb Cal/Mg like coco does. Just another form of hydro. Pretty clever actually. Heard of it but never seen it in use.


Works extremely well once you get things dialed in… :wink:
Works really well with SOG grows with single cola plants using milk jugs… :grin:


My Bad. This is not a soil grow.

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Hi :wave: Thanks for your warm welcome! :smiley:
One hole, 2" from bottom, size of a pen, yes perlite is inert.
HAHA, my question was… if you see in picture I’m showing another plant on one side. There is 4 total, in the 5 gallon bucket now, and I’m asking if I can safely transplant them into other perlite buckets, as the roots maybe entangled now? I can’t just leave them all in the same one, right? Should be 1 to a bucket, but I didn’t expect extra 2 that showed up.
I guess I can only post so many times in a day…

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Ah, they are autos, so no transplanting I guess.


They should be just fine altogether…
You might start having to water twice a day at some point… unless you can plug up the first drain hole and put one at 5 inches up from the bottom… that will allow more water holding capacity… :wink: