New to ILGM forum, wants to say hi


Just saying hi (: my husband has been part of this forum for some time now and loves it. I have the passion for growing, but not the knowledge. Im trying to learn all i can so that i can be more involved in our grows.


Welcome! You are already family lol.


@MommaBear420 Well come on in and pull up a chair,
all the best growers are all right here,
No need to have that beginners fear,
questions answered throughout the year!

I need a day job!! Welcome and enjoy this encyclopedia of more knowledge than anywhere else! :woman_farmer:t4:


Welcome! Glad you joined. I’m pretty new myself as of last December but I can say without a doubt the people on this website or courteous intelligent and down-to-earth. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and as you start your grow make sure to start a journal or notebook to write everything down. It’ll help in the long run.
Have a good morning. Enjoy your growing!


welcome, i just joined myself. there is a lot of people on here that will help you with any questions you might have


Welcome to forum. We love talking about our grows & love to help in anyway we can. Only question thats stupid is the ones not asked. :wink:


Welcome! This is the place for the best support. I’m a newbie myself and everyone here is awesome. Best of luck to you and yours! Jeb


Welcome @MommaBear420! I too am new to this site and I also have to say that you are in good hands here.
What type of system are you running? Soil/Hydro? What strains?


Welcome @MommaBear420 any questions any of us are ready to answer, or tag someone who might know. Hope you learn a lot.


Welcome @MommaBear420 You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn.


Welcome to the forum there are a lot of very nice helpful people here. :slight_smile:



Well you came to the wright place, And I Welcome you to ILGM
It won’t take long and you’ll be growing like a pro in no time.



Well hello there sexy @MommaBear420. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Funny bumping into you here, lol


Welcome to the forum @MommaBear420. Pull up a chair and stay a while.


Smartass (:


Hey Ho, welcome to the forum @MommaBear420 and thanks for bringing her around @Familyman420

any more “420’s” we can expect to join up j/k



Hi @MommaBear420, welcome to the forum. I’m a growing momma too. :wink:


Welcome, @MommaBear420! :smiley:


Howdy! I like these people and website so much, that I read it before the obituaries every morning.


:wave: :wave: