New to ILGM and my own strain


Looking good.


Well time came and its all down to curing so here is a few pics of the almost ready stuff


So for the 2 gurls at this posting its 33 grams on the plate … BUT I had a few seeds and that is it , I believe heat stress caused that as I was away for a few days and no control. This is a training lesson for myself and a damn good 1 as I planted the 6 seeds I got and 3 showed up early this morning (4) days in soil, the other 3 should be poping up tomorow.


Nice! The gift that keeps on giving. Bet this grow will be twice as good. Congrats


Well I stoped all grow until warmer weather here , just too cool/cold but i will start in mid Feb. Until then i will be cleaning and painting , sanitizing to say.

EDIT - Almost got it all consumed also LOL