New to ILGM and had a question

Hello- I just received my 1st order of 10 seeds from ILGM. They arrived as described. I would like to store them for about 1 month before I germinate them. They are now in the basement in the dark at about 60 degrees (F) in the original zip loc in a small nalgene jar.

Will they be OK if I wait that long before germination?

Jus’ checkin’- I am pretty excited about the whole situation and believe I can do this grow.

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Keep 'em cool and dry and you’ll be okay for years. I separate my seeds into sealed packages of two. I keep them in the freezer only removing what I need when I need it. Don’t refreeze seeds exposed to the air.


Got it! thanks. I will post on occasion as this grow progresses but may not start for about a month. I have done grows before but can always appreciate the experience of you all…

I have used clones in the past so it has been some time since I went from seeds.

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Oops, I did not plan to delete that- but I intend to germinate 5 feminized seeds, using 4 of them as harvest plants and 1 to generate clones for the next cycle…

Like said above, I keep mine in the packing they came in. Put them in an air tight seeped bag and have in my cellar. It’s dark, and dry.

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that is essentially what I will do-

Hello Ilgm- I have placed 5 seeds in a glass jar abour 8 hours ago. They have swolen, split and I can see the root inside the hull splits.

I plan to place them root down in these chior pellets. I have used the pellets in the past for small cuttings of parent plants (clones).

On clones I have used fish emulsion at about 1/4 label strength for fertilizer about 4 days after placement in the pellets…

Should I fertilize the same for the seeds or should I do this differently? I feel fairly confident with this system but have not used it for germination, only small cuttings…

The temp in the little greenhouse is now 68 degrees. But I have a 400 w HID with Metal Halide bulb about 2.5 feet away from the greenhouse… that will add heat if I turn it on.

I can put the seedlings in potting soil if need be

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The first emulsion isn’t going to really help or hurt , for the 1st week they’re mostly using internal nutrient , just cut those bindings when you transplant and you’ll be fine. Oh and I recommend planting them seed sideways helps prevent helmet heads


I will do that and thanks for the response…

welcome to the forum @meatface. Lots of help here!! Good luck and happy growing

this my germination method.

I soak in bottled spring water 12 hrs, then transfer to saucer or plate inside good paper towel folded over once. I don’t put them in baggies. Add a little spring water and put in warm, dark spot. Check a couple times daily. It’s ok if they almost dry out… but don’t let them dry long.

Then with 1/2" tail or so I transplant to solo cups under t5’s for two weeks. I fill the solo with dry soil or and about 3 or 4 oz. of water, mix it well and plant sideways 1/2" or less. Then feel the weight of the cup daily and don’t add water until it’s completely light. The water will go down and the roots will follow it. Then lightly water, but keep track of weight.

Don’t water a heavy pot. Im in Happy frog soil, so I don’t add any nutes until week 5 or so. Just 6.5ph water

Good luck :+1:

That sounds good- A 1/2 inch tail and I have “roots organics” for potting soil. I will stick with the choir pellets I guess.

Seeds are “swolen” and have sunk - I will keep you all posted and this seems great! It is a poor pic but it may give the idea…

No tails yet!

there it is!

How do I start a thread or where do I go to ask questions?

Welcome @Sbryan1 , you have to spend a little time hanging out and reading b4 the site ups your trust level. Keeps bots and spammers out. It want take long, just keep hanging out and learning👍

Thanks! I think I figured it out!

Me again! The seeds went into the pellets this morn. They were in the water for about 3 days (72hrs.).

As you can see in the pic, the tails were essentially still in the shells. I “buried” them into the pellets (one seed per pellet) in the small greenhouse.

Ambient temperature in the room is about 65 degrees and from 70 degrees to 76 degrees (at the base), inside the greenhouse.

So far so good? Maybe I should have waited for longer root tails , but I worried for rot in the water.

I can put one or two cfl bulbs over them as shown. I have a 35w and a 43w on hand. I believe that is the right wattage but I will double check and start with the lighting.

Here is a better shot of the seeds before I covered them

In my opinion based on my short experience, your seeds have actually popped successfully. Once I see they pop and see even 1/16" tail, I’ve already put them in dirt and watered.

Again, I’ve only successfully grown 4 plants this way with the second 4 emerging from the soil now.

Good luck regardless!!!

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Lazy here. Straight to a pod no soak. Sideways. Directly into final pot. This is MY way and works for me. 90% germination on good beans. Not all make it but they do pop. Same loss ratio as any other way after some green. This is 1 I dropped last week. Making a photo journal that i will post after harvest. A Lemon auto. Will be as basic a grow as can be.