New to ILGM and first indoor grow in 10+ years

Hope I’m posting in the right place, would like to keep it as a grow journal but mainly looking for help and pointers. I am not clueless but haven’t had a quality indoor grow in 10 years. Really excited just to have the space and time to spend. It’s already taken way more time than I planned on putting into it. One 5x5 with 6 photos. HLG 600 R, 5 gallon pots, AC 6 inch vent w/ carbon filter. Fans, a small heater to keep temps up rn it’s colder than I anticipated on a concrete floor. Hoping I haven’t sold myself short on space. Everything is germinated and planted from peat pucks. Using a mix of what I have laying around. 30% FFHF,30% FFOF, 30% organic top soil, 20% perlite and a handful of wolf’s. Hoping I didn’t shoot myself in the foot trying to use up what I had laying around. Any help, pointers, suggestions, questions are appreciated. Just want this to be a successful run.


You’re gonna be set! That environment looks prime and you already got some experience, this is a great place to learn and pass on info amongst the community, I myself knew nothing about actual growing until I came here and started, you’re in good hands with ILGM

Good luck and happy growing!


sweet set up. welcome to the community

Great set-up. A little envious I suppose but 4 plants is the legal limit here anyway.

Welcome to the ILGM community and Good luck!

Welcome to the community very nice set up !

Welcome to the forum, your looking good from here. What type and wattage lights are you running?

HLG 600 R Spec, I think it’s just barely enough for a 5x5. A buddy gave me a VS XS-1500 I may add in once they are stabilized.

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Hell of a start all top notch equipment welcome and happy growing

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I agree with above great set up I’m jealous, when you are in seedlings stage make sure your humidity is high, Also you might want to put a clear dome, I have used a gallon water jug just cut in half, of try to get big zip locks bags to keep humidity high. The reason that is so important is when your plants are just starting and your roots are trying to get established you plants will pull water in through there leaves, thus meaning you want to keep it humid, like in the 80% range. But like said very jealous you have an incredible set up. Also I have HLG light and I used a viparspec xs1500 had good results so you definitely have the right equipment, best of luck

Welcome friend!! Also newer here! Just bought myself the HLG 260w XL today! Love the set up! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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Welcome friend. I too grow on a chilly, concrete basement floor. I have put Styrofoam insulation sheets between floor and tent. And also inside between tent floor and spill tray. Really helps. Good setup you have


I do the same as @sandune. One styrofoam layer under the pan and then styrofoam 1x 4’s with space in between them. I put old racks from microwaves on top of the strips so the bag has breathing space.

I’ll be making a trip tomorrow to grab a sheet of foam. Unfortunately I already had to shorten the tent 4 inches to fit with 1/2 inch to spare overhead so I’ll have to put the foam inside.

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I was struggling with the AC infinity controller and my heater to find the sweet spot with high/low temp and high/low humidity settings that worked alongside the small heater I have to keep the heater off and the blower from coming on. Seemed to just crank the heat and the blower would suck it all out and start over again. Still working on it but the humidity is @ 68% now with 76-82F temps. If anyone has any input on settings that work I’m sure I can’t be the only one running a heater.

Welcome to the forum
This forum is great and filled with kind people who are always willing to help on a variety of issues.
Ime new here, joined forum in September and never could of battled through my first grow without the help and support of many on here.
I’ve never grown indoors or autos before nor purchased seeds from a Seedbank so everything is new to me and Ime learning as I go thanks to members of this forum.
I haven’t finished my first grow yet, they are currently flowering but have already started my 2nd , more autos, and just germinated fem seeds to prepare for my 3rd grow. Yep Ime hooked. :crazy_face:
So yes I love it and thanks to the awesome forum members I am learning lots and enjoying every minute of it. Well most minutes except the minute a mouse ate the tops off my newly germinated seedlings a few days ago. $100 worth of dinner for a bloody mouse . Didn’t know I had a mouse in my room, so much for my farm dogs who slept through it.

I initially tried various germination methods trying to find the best for me as seeds aren’t cheap are they.
Only just found a method using cotton makeup pads that has provided 100% strike rate so far, apart from the munching mouse of course.
There’s a link for it under my 1st grow thread.

Am sure you will enjoy the great company in this forum and appreciate the lengths some of these guys go to providing help for newbies like me.
Thanks ILGM for a great forum and everyone who helps and supports others.

Happy growing to all