New to IGLM. Grower since 1998!

Perma cloner new to the IGLM forum HELLO! I have been growing since 1998. Started gerting serious about it last year again so im back!


Welcome to the community!


Dang you been growing for almost as long as ive been alive lol! Welcome to the form!


Lol im an oldschool trained pioneer. Im a permacloner, propogation expert. I have my own seeds and plants. Both veggie and weed. Glad to meet you!



I have many more. I make greenhouses also


Welcome to the best place on earth… :+1::wink:
If you have any questions , just put a @ symbol in front of a person’s handle to tag someone to your question… :wink:


Welcome to the forums and thus the community hopefully we teach you alot and you return the knowledge payback all over a nice toke.

What green house material are you using out of curiosity…
I’m hoping to make an A frame this year in between these trees against the back fence.

Feel free to tag me @ Nicky for any reason and if I don’t know I’ll tag someone or we can learn together because I want to know what I don’t know!


I use an agtec 12 mil thick with 82 lumicity qith lpvd treatment to withstand harsh weather and uv rays for up to 14yrs! It super strong condensation resistand and holds heat inside. Amazing stuff. Here is a link.
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I would do a gothic high tunnel hoop house. How hand are you with tools. Can you do the work or do you prefer prefabricated stuff?

Hell my wife canned over 1600 jars this year alone. Best food in the world in my opinion. Glad to see you here :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


Right now I prefer pre Fab stuff just because I grew up in a farm with everything and now I live in a mobile so have limited tools /space to store tools etc. I may hire a guy I used to help build my shed construct it and he’s got everything tool wise I just know if I have a plan and materials things will go up in a few moments with him vs me taking a year haha, I work ALOT right now (21/7, away from home work and work 12-16hr a day)

Ps you can’t post alot of links here so it’s best just to describe things or how to find them.
I’m sure if I googled that material it would come up. I think having a plan and going to the hardware store + hiring buddy to help me build my plan would be the best way to get what I want for a decent price. I find pre Fab stuff is usually very expensive and isn’t custom to your sizes.
Ps yours looks great!

@Cannabian also builds them or at least his own lol.

@repins12 wow that’s alot! You must grow alot of stuff on your land.
Growing up we had a massive garden and I totally took eating all this healthy home grown fresh and canned food for granted. I though everyone had a root cellar packed to the rafters with food I Geuss not.

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Very nice i gave out 150 bottles of organic ormi jelly. Homemade os the best. I cannotbeat store potatoes after eating mine. There all weird and chemicalky produced.

Potatoes! Ahh the best our patch was so big as a kid we played hide and seek in it haha

Hey go to this link and buy the pre bent connectors. And then get some wiggle wire channels and the fabric.

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My potatoes. Are over 65 yrs old and came from some of my ancestors. And my aunt is a farmer and she gave me the families seeds.


I know that I sure do. Most of what I eat was fresh before we canned it :v:

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The link was removed because it’s not from an approved vendor, so please edit your post and remove link. Sorry it’s the rules trying to not get you in trouble.

Unfortunately I live in Canada so that would be extremely expensive shipping lol but I’ll do some searching for something similar.

I’m all out of likes guys sorry


I would love to build one in my backyard. Do you have an email I could contact you on for the links and blueprint

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Heres one Im building for this coming season!
And welcome to the group!


Try Northern Greenhouse supply… they stock some great woven opaque poly as well. They also have fastening track and lots of other cool stuff!

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I do have an email. Why cant we Private message here. Or is it because im so new. Cant link how silly. I doubt IGLM has greenhouse vendors for DIY people. The controlling done here is so not cool. Like a prison. Buy only our stuff our vendors.
Buildmyowngreenhouse dot
Agriculturesolutions dot
Silly. This place is not very friendly all of a sudden.