New to Hydroponics need help LOL

Okay so this is my first run with Hydroponics. I will be running a top feed drip line system but I am hand-watering for now. I am running my girls in 6 inch rockwool cubes placed in 7 x 7 pots filled with hydroton. There 28days into veg from seed. I’ve begun to notice a couple rust spots on my girls nothing too major. I figured starting a little nute burn. So I backed off the nutes a little. I’ve been keeping track of the runoff and my girls now" the ones that are showing the rust spots and a slight droop " have a Rising pH and PPM on the runoff. I start off at about 5.6 pH about 520 PPM and the runoff ends up somewhere around 6.3 pH and 560 PPM. I was thinking that it may be a salt buildup should I flush them with 5.5 pH RO water. Or will that cause more harm than good? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Everything looks good to me except: running low light levels will encourage disease as the plant metabolism isn’t running where it should due to insufficient photons. This will get way worse when you hit flower. So; hopefully you have a plan to upgrade lighting soon.

Probably with the lower light levels, running 500 to 600 ppm is where you want to be.

Your in and out numbers are almost identical. If your runoff was 1,500 ppm when input was 500 then yes; a flush might be wise.

Well okay; you were asking for help. That’s my read.

Lol thanks man