New to hydroponic using 5 gallon bucket DWC system

I have grown outdoors for over 20+ years and I have grown indoor a couple years. I have never tried growing hydroponics. I know nothing about growing hydroponics it’s like starting all over again. If someone would be kind enough to help me I would greatly appreciate it. I have a 5 gallon bucket DWC system.I’m needing to know what type of nutrients I need to use and how often to change the water . Tell you the truth I’m needing to know pretty much everything about growing hydroponics. But I’m a fast learner.


Ph 5.8 and keep your solution temp coolish (68f). Beneficial bacteria or running sterile res can help with temps some. Synthetic nutrients going to be most flexible, brand doesn’t matter as long as you have complete base nutrients, any necessary supplements, and use them properly.

Changing out solution going to vary some. Usually when there’s an issue with your solution or you need to make adjustment in npk ratio. Some will make a whole grow without doing full res change, others change every 1-2 weeks. Basically just monitor your solution and change when necessary.

I would check out some of @peachfuzz or @HappyHydroGrower topics, both seem to do really well in dwc.


Hey @Hillbilly420 DWC hydroponics can be very rewarding.
Things you’ll need to know starts with a little research.
Here’s a place to start your journey.


There’s another thread going with the OP running bucket hydro: a couple of things to consider when setting up:

5 gallon bucket in late veg/early flower will consume up to 3 gallons per day. This means daily adjustment of everything in the bucket. You will be replacing nutrient solution daily.

PH will fluctuate daily.

Liquid level will almost never be in the ‘ideal’ range below net pot.

Temperature issues due to all liquid exposed to the grow space.

If you use a large tote instead of a bucket (like a yellow topped 29 gallon tote) you eliminate or reduce most of the issues surrounding straight DWC.

Adding a reservoir gives you a week with no need to mess with the setup.

Adding a chiller will remove temperature issues.

Gotta use synthetic nutes: organic material in the rez will cause issues.

Just a couple of observations.


@Hillbilly420 I would be happy to share my experience and setup with you. I moved from dirt a couple years ago and really enjoy growing hydro. I use the General Hydroponics nutrient line and can share my nutrient mixture with you if you want. Changing the bucket water can be 10 days for a seedling and then going to every 7 days. If things are right I swear you can see your plant grow right in front of your eyes…not really but from morning to night you can see a difference.


Is anyone familiar with this system? @Myfriendis410 Looks interesting but I’m still new to it as well. I’m definitely moving in this direction after my soil grow is finished. I just don’t want to buy the wrong thing lol.
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Would you have any issues with putting a diy system together?
Buying parts, cutting material…etc…
If I can do it, so can you! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Not at all bro. I’m very mechanically inclined. I’m in the trade fields


Are you set on ebb and flow or just wanting hydroponic in general.


Not really set on anything. Just don’t know enough about all the different systems. All I know is I like how the plants grow in hydro. Yours is insane!


My system is better for sog style gross typically. So if someone doesn’t care about plant count. They can slam 30 single cola clones in there and pump out a crop ever 2 months no problem

If I was limited on plant count to 5 or so I’d do a different system than mine. Probably an ebb and flow like you shown. It’s easily expandable and can move around plant better than could a rdwc that for most part seems fixed


So that system in the pic I posted is called ebb and flow? It does look interesting for sure. What makes it different than something like rdwc?


They both work pretty consistently !

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Ya that is based off the same principal as my system. That bucket you see just outside of the reservoir is the control bucket. That will draw water from the res. Send it out to the buckets. And then pump it back.

Rdwc the plant is always in water and basically circulating the water around a closed system constantly. Like a whirlpool for the roots lol


Thanks for the tag @dbrn32
@Myfriendis410 truer words have never been spoken. I need to copy and paste that.

Welcome back @Hillbilly420
You’ll find a wide range of advise on the hydro topic. There are several things to consider as a new grower like mentioned above.

Lots to consider with just a bucket. I would read up on some journals, ask questions and determine what’s the most efficient way to maximize the space you have.

There are some awesome growers here that are pushing the limits of their growing environment.

We are always here to help. Ask away and you will find an answer here. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Not a fan…
Flood and drain system…
Too many parts and things to fail and go wrong…
Whenever moving into a water only grow , is to lesson any kind of water problems that can happen…
Less is best when in water…
Less moving parts , less pumps as possible , 100 gallons of good ro water always available …
Lots of things to think about…
I keep all plants in one tote and recirculate water through plant holding system with 2 built in resivors on each side pumping water from one res back to other res then gravity feeding throughout plant tote and into the other res and pumping back to other res…
Sounds complicated , but its super easy to build and super easy to maintain and cheap to run with only a couple of things that could go wrong…
Look up my thread…
Sharing a lil somthin , somthin…
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You got my attention. Link to your thread? I love it when it’s simple :joy:


If you want on point advice for hydro, the 'Fuzz is your man.


Tried the search function for @peachfuzz thread. Can’t seem to find it? I’m still kinda new to the site lol.


Ill tag you in… :+1:t3:
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