New to hydro RDWC nutrient feeding

hey guys, got a question.

i just got a 5 bucket RDWC system. when i feed using my general Hydroponics 3 part. do i mix it up based on the volume of water i have in the system? like 18 gallons? that sounds like a lot.

how do i go about using and adding these nutes to my system.

thanks folks



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I mix my GH trio in a 31 gal trash can then pour it into my reservoir, its another 31 gal trash can .

But yes you mix nutrients typically in a separate container to add to it when it’s needed.
And you do mix it fir however many gallons it is. .

Here is what some of my notes look like for when i mix mine so I dont have to do math every time :sweat_smile:


rock and roll, ty


@1HappyPappy got it nailed. I’m useless with GH. @nodurxshn is my go-to for all things not-Jacks or Grow Dots. :sweat_smile::v: