New to hydro grow need advice


TBH if I were you I wouldn’t even mess with ice. Get an extra air stone or two and then even if the temps are “high” at like 70-75 it’ll still be oxegenated enough


I just know when I had my cab under a window this winter it made the res get real cold n it stunted my plants hard core


temps aren’t just about o2 saturation they are also about bacteria control and reguardless how many stones you add at 75 the water will only hold so much o2 As well transpiration needs a certain temp difference from roots to tops to be effective it makes it easier for plants to pull water up with a 10f difference or more from roots to leaves


Ya I agree. If my res gets to 75 that’s when I start throwing distilled ice cubes in it before and after work. I guess I meant more with low 70s more air will keep it more or less fine. I also you hydroguard which controls bacteria.


@Donaldj, @tonyb, I was not going to stop dropping ice packs, where I live I need the ice packs or the water will get up there (>73deg.). What size of air stones are you using, my stones are 1 1/2" x 1". Even through they are of the same size they do not put out the same. I am having a hard time finding what will work better. I have tried 4" round, 1/2 x 4, and 1/2 x 6 and they do not put out any better. Also the placement of the stones, should it be centered or set to one side? I notice when I get a large root sys., if it is centered, the bubble’s are not making it to the surface and not splashing the bottom of the basket and the roots at the bottom of the basket look a little dry?

I have one more question, how much water should I be using in a 5 gal. bucket. When I put a seedling (about 3-4 day of germinating) I bring the water up to the bottom of the basket, and use a bubbling water ring on a timer that is doing very good. After a week of that I have a good root sys. started and the second wk. they are ready for nut’s. That is where I am not sure where to be with how much water. Right now I am putting 3 gal. of water. It puts the water 1" - 1 1/2" below the basket, is this ok??


I could be wrong but I don’t think airstone size matters, it’s more the pump str. Also ya like an inch or so under the net cup is about right


I use DIY system which uses 4 12"x 3/4" stones 27 Gal res holds 8-4 plants depending on how I want to grow them fast veg or long it takes days for my temps to raise and I have good temp control in my space so rarely have res temp over 68f even after 10 days. Finishing building my 55 gal Aeroponic unit today but I live in a cooler climate so temps are rarely an issue aside from too cold :wink:


@Donaldj, @tonyb, I wish I had the space. I just did a temp. fix for the air, I have one pump that has 4 outlets and a couple with 2 outputs. I doubled up on the line going into my buckets, that fix 4 of my buckets. Right now I have five buckets going and have room for 3 more. Thing is I need air pumps that are as quite a possible. I would like to find one pump that could do it all, or maybe 2 as I have 2 tents. I have a 4 port, 2/2 port and a one port. Each port on all of them put out about 2.18 PSI. I will need to find some that put out at lest twice that. You know of any?


RN my grow is in a 5 gallon res, two different res’s for two different grows, so I can get away with a couple pumps for like fish tanks. Once I get my 2x4 tent I think I’m gunna get a 4 bucket system, or just go to smart pots n soil with 1 hydro in it also.


Anyone use Cal-mag or liquid karma as supplements in there hydro grow???.


Cal-mag is a must in hydro most of the time and I love LK for starting cuttings


Most of the post I read say to use as a top off. I am using 5 gal. res and do not see much of a drop in the res, maybe 1/2." Any suggestion on when to use and how much?


One other thing, the drop is with in a week and that is in Veg state, in flowering stage it does drop a little more sometimes.


Your plants drink primarily based on temps so when res is 10f cooler than tops they tend to drink far more I would suggest using as directed during res changes I typically run Cal-mag at 5ml a Gal


@Donaldj , I see you add Cal-Mag when you are doing res change out? I have read other post that say to just do it as a top off between res changes not to do it when changing res.?? I was doing it as a top off on one of mine and I didn’t like the way it look, and it look like it had stop growing so I stop and they it is growing again, I see new growth. May try your way. Do you use Liquid Karma?


I use LK for young plants or as a stress reducer but not a base nutrient


@Donaldj any idea why a plant droops in dwc ?


That’s a fairly open question so many reasons and no info to narrow down to any


Hey Hawkeye, just a couple quick questions about water temp. How does one keep the temps between 62-68. Is this a matter of circulation and oxygen amount? Also I am using a 27 gal tote with res was told the larger totes are so much easier to maintain the ranges (ph) and temps than 5 gal buckets. Is this fact or fiction? The larger totes add to the cost quicker, more use of nutrients. Any feed back will be appreciated


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