New to hydro grow need advice


@peachfuzz I know it’s not just air I use 4 12" stones in a 15 gal tote and use 951 GPH air pump for each unit which works out to about 60L of air per minute. My old GH pump puts out 320L per hour and was built to run 4 units


@Donaldj, @bryan , @peachfuzz , YOU folks are killing me . lmao lol.:laughing:

KISS is the main thing . A/N coinsurer a/b and 400-500 ppm . botanti care ,hydrogaurd

recommended strength, lower root temps , air stone 2 -3/4 X1-1/2 . pump 320? powering 3

stones ,one in each bucket ,5.8 ph,the secret dissolved O2 . @MacGyverStoner. has spoken on

this a fair bit. Good info,

Hammer .:imp:


@Hammer , thanks for the info., could you elaborate a little more on the A/N coinsurer a/b, I am new to hydro and not so good with some of the terms used here. Also on the dissolved O2, are you testing it or is there something that can be added to water? I would like to read what @MacGyverStoner has posted but do know how to get to the post.


@Donaldj, @bryan, @peachfuzz, @Hammer, one other thing, how are you getting the water temp down.


Built in chiller and cooler room temps… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Ice pack’s if you must I have ambients in my space that drop into low 50’s during dark cycle so res stays quite cool


@peachfuzz, I understand the use of inline chiller, but I have 5 stand alone bubble buckets, some in grow state, some in flower and maybe one or two new seeding. Also I am using LED lighting (homemade) and they do not put off any heat. I would like to set up reservoir but growing in BB and the need for deferent grow state it would be costly. I only grow for myself and like to keep a steady grow.

I might try and make a small chiller and run air line’s in and out of it.


pick up some dirt cheap ice packs put them in each res they will drop temps a few degrees and it will take hours to creep back up change ice packs daily when you check ph KISS keep it super simple :wink:


@Donaldj, @peachfuzz, @kabongster Going to use my Food Saver and make ice packs. As far as the roots, I know there isn’t a lot coming out of the basket but the one’s that are thick (about 1/4") with a big bundle of fine roots at the bottom. Here is a better pic of it.

, This may be due to me putting fresh seedlings in that has a root about 1/2"-1" long, I do not put seeds in starter soil, they go right in the bucket from germination. The water level is right at the bottom of the basket at that time and when I see roots coming out I lower it. (3 gal.water in 5 gal bucket).

I think if I get water temp down I will be ok. I did fine the post that suggest water temp in a DWC system be 65-75f. I will be lowering temp to 62-68f as soon as I get them frozen.

Again thanks for all the help.


nice looking white roots…@Donaldj, @peachfuzz, and @Hammer got you covered…my first tent I did a DWC grow in was the opposite of yours, my air temp stayed mid 70’s and buckets hit a low of 60 some nights, a little too low.

and because it was my first tent, light, purchase of everything I needed…I was broke when my roots developed a dark spot. It was the help from the forum, @Donaldj, and about $5 in hydrogen peroxide that got me 12 ounces from a 2 plant harvest.


Lol you can only give me so much credit buddy you still were the one with the patience to wade through my confusing directions take your time waiting for replies when you felt the world was about to end. And you who actually grew the ladies :wink:


I just finished the last of that kush…when it’s gone, I always think that if I had been a little more conservative when I first got my medicine, and I have been self medicating for years, the mmj would last longer…more important when I was buying it, just when the aroma and THC kick in, good mmj is always missed!

I can’t give you enough credit, you made it fun and rewarding…:clap: :raised_hands:


the oxegen just disovles in to a cooler water that is low in nutes better. i don’t measure it ,no

meter for that , to A/N nute ask away i love them .But i just got some of roberts nutes and

will side by side test soon as i can afford the electricity. my area is extremely high.



lol I get to test your cold temps theory my ladies have about 3 weeks to a month in their unit and during which my res is easily sitting in the mid 60’s with my current high being 72f low being about 52 pretty sure my res is sitting somewhere in the middle. Hydrogaurd is not legal for sale in Canada so I use a knock off and I am using AN atm but also designing my hopefully last space. I know the feeling on the electricity ours went up nearly 54% this year paying around $230 a month for hydro about 100 is directly related to my growing if not more I am revising my approach to lighting pumps and temp control. Shaving watts where I can so cool temps may be the norm for my grows used to mid 80’s big lights lots of fans and power usage lmao. Mammoth -p is also not sold in Canada so any tips and tricks are always helpful


sorry on the botanicare hydrogaurd , its one of the best for the buck hands down .

MacG suggest fresh orca or orca as well.




This what I am currently using though I debated GH subculture- B
only been using Gaurdian Angel for last 10 days so far liking the result may have to look into Orca we have such weird laws. Not even sure if Great white or Orca can be purchased hell customs won’t even let Aza-max in odd considering I can buy (novelty ;)) MJ seeds in about 7 stores locally

I will have to do more home work on those products see if can actually even order either but considering I am building a new shed for growing don’t have much left in budget for the time being :frowning:


@Hammer, I am using botanicare hydrogaurd, but I would like to know a little more on nute. I am using GH Bloom, Micro combo set. That was what was suggested when I first started on this sit, but I understand they do not support the MJ community any more, so a lot have stop using it. I do not have any issues with it and looks to be working ok. But if there is something better I would be willing to try. I just started growing hydro from soil and I used homemade soil then, did not have to use chem.'s in soil so I am not up on what works best for hydro. Any info on what nute to use would be helpful.


@RichGene, ive been using A/N Coinsurer in the recent past and have exceptional luck with

it .That said iam looking into using Robert’s flower power series in a side by side test. But have

not started it just yet. But i believe majiktoker is in the middle of his experiment with this

product .



@Hammer, I just got more of the GH, but I would like to know how Robert’s do.


@hammer, @Donaldj, @macgyverstoner, I have the water temps down 65-69, and have been to pet store and got a couple larger air stones. When I was there I saw a C02 supply set. It is for growing live plants in your aquariums. They also had a product called leaf zone (liquid C02) you add to water. Anyone tried this in stead of just trying to us air stones? Here is a link to amazon and the C02 supply set