New to hydro grow need advice

I have been growing on and off for years. Last year I decided to try doing hydro grow indoors in tent. I have a set of 5 bubble buckets (5gal). I have 2 every nice look 5 mouth WW. Check out the PIC’s.

PH is 5.8 - 5.9 TDM is 1114, water temp is 70, tent temp 76 and hum. is 40-45. Using GH Bloom, Micro combo set.
The first one is in week 4 of flowering and the second one is at 6 wk.

Next I have 2 new WW that are in there 4th week from seeds

Any advice would be great.

I for got to say, the last 2 have dark spots on the roots sys. They are not slimy and are firm and not soft to touch. Should I flush them?

you could add some hydrogen peroxide each day, around 5ml a gallon at 3%…it’s also sold as 29% so you would need to dilute it to 3% first
5ml is a half dose, the plants need to adjust before increasing the dose.

the buckets walls look like light gets through them, that would have to be fixed, it encourages root problems. No light should leak through them.

Are you talking about the second set. I have seen post that talk about light getting in. The only thing is, the buckets and led are black and the plant bucket has clay stone all the way to top. The only one spot might be the air hose and the hole it goes through. Hole is about 5/16 - 3/8 and the hose is blue. If light would to get in how much light will cause an issue. I replace the water every week and clean the buckets. I do use ran water that only sit’s for a day or to. I do use Hydro guard and if,out of it I do use hydro peroxide @ 3%. I have not found any slim, and the root’s are not spongy and soft. Should I flush the roots? and untangle them or is it ok for them to bundle up like that? As you can see the first 2 have large bundles and a little brown tent to them. They look good and smell good.

The roots are fine to be tangled up that way… out of everything I see the only suggestion I would say is to get more air to your buckets …maybe a better air pump and you will have a fuller root system… I think that’s your only problem is you’re just a little bit shy on air To Your Roots …but that looks to be about it from what I can see… :wink:

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the lack of smell isn’t pointing to slime…it’s noticeable…do you use any supplements that could have clumped and darkened the roots?

Paint or light proof your bucket the 70f water temps won’t be helping your cause too much since it promotes algae and is almost the warmest you would want your nutrient solution to be a little white paint on buckets would reduce temps h2o2 is also a good suggestion

Sorry kabongster but there is no slime. Yes the darkening is due to the rain water that was a little dirty. I now filter the water before I use it.

Donaldj what I understand of h2o2 it is hydro peroxide, if so how much should I use. I do use hydro guard and if I am out I use hydro peroxide when changing the water. As far as temp’s I have read that 65-75f was ok. Plants all look healthy. One of the plants should be ready for use in a couple of weeks.

@RichGene, here is what garrigan62 informed me about water temperatures

" 62-68°F (17-20°C). Above 72°F (21°C) and dissolved oxygen (DO) dips too low. Below 60°F (16°C) and plants tend to slow their metabolism as they “think” the season is changing. Some growers use this to their advantage and reduce nutrient temperature towards the end of the flowering stage to aid in ripening"

Hammer said “62f is ideal temp .above 72f and youll have a lot of unnecessary problems”

Hope this helps, good luck growin

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The optimum temp for good oxygen levels and healthy growth is about 68f anything above 72 promotes bacteria and holds less oxygen the differential in temp also helps your plant draw water root zones should be several degree’s cooler than canopy. H2o2 is peroxide yes and depending on if you buy as h2o2 or peroxide 29% vs 3% it can be 2-3ml a gallon for 29% or 5-10ml a litre for 3% the trick is to keep bad bacteria out I am not saying your ladies look unhealthy they look good. I am just suggesting a little prevention advise to stop any issues from forming I would expect more tap roots considering the the healthy appearance and after thinking on it the clumping is likely the water circulating off airstone tangling root branches

Note the temp differential between room temp and plants is nearly 10f which is what we shoot for at all times even in soil

Thanks for the help.

I can see where if growing in outdoor soil, the soil would be cooler than the air temp, make since. I have some of those drink chillers I used when I had them in my shed. I do not remember where is read that water temps should be 65-75f but will lower it.

different temps can be more useful at different times I find when first rooting my ladies like around 70f water but once they are rooted they seem to thrive with it around 66f this is also based on my spaces ambient temps I veg warmer than I flower by about 4f

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I also suffer from root envy when I see @Hammer 's root systems :wink: so if he says cooler is the key it’s no joke some how he fills entire bucket everytime ??


I agree with @Donaldj@Hammer roots are pretty danm impressive and he never did share his secrets on that did he @Donaldj… I think we’re going to have to Corner him and squeeze the info out of him… lol :wink:

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@peachfuzz pretty sure @Hammer used camera tricks. That bucket he pulls them out of has to be from a GIJoe set or something .


I tried he didn’t say too much just played the duck lmao

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Don’t want to clog up this thread… but I tend to think he’s putting a little bit of root stimulator in there ( ie hormex ) or he just has 2 air Stones coming off of a monster pump… one or the other…
Maybe we should start a thread throwing out different ideas on how he does it and see if we can duplicate it with various things that we can try LOL…
On a side note I thought moderators were supposed to be very forthcoming with information lmao… :laughing::smiley::joy::grin:
No biggie …we’ll figure it out eventually… :wink:

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I think mainly he just vegs longer than us in hydro just harvested my runt today whole house smells like Blueberry misses is going to shit when she gets home lmao


on a serious note, his individual roots are huge around, all I end up with are the thin herringbone type.