New to growing,

Hi all

Need some lighting advice please.

The lights are running on 4 lumatek ballasts 400 volts with 600 watt lamps. On the ballast the minimum to run it at is 400 = 500 then 600.

What distance should I have them from the plants?

Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of smart cannabis growers here.

Close enough that the heat from the lights does not affect the plant. Keep in mind that light requirements change throughout the life the the plant. Seedlings and clones require the least (~300 ppfd,) followed by teh veg cycle (~600 ppfd,) and then flowering (800+ ppfd.)


Welcome mate. You will need to provide a bit more info mate. Best bet is to complete the following…
On lighting @dbrn32 is the man - but he will need the info from the list first as well.

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While you are filling me up with great information you also fill me up with more questions. Understanding that light requirements during different stages of growth makes me ask, how is this accomplished with any light source that is non adjustable. I would assume you would do this by lowering or raising the light at these stages.

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I’m not sure if you can see it properly in this photo but we can move the lights up and down … it’s like a slide clip that moves up and down on wire