New to growing...trichome check please

Just wondering what anyone thinks as far as harvest time?
Fruity Pebbles so I was told and I am on end of my
8th wk into flowering. Trichomes are about 80% cloudy like the ones I circled in my picture. Hard time getting scope to focus but most are like the circled area and

Pistils are about 90% brown/orange

First off @EightyDeuceinthethumb welcome to the neighborhood, I can’t tell from your pics. You have to make sure that you are looking at the trichomes on the buds and not leaves. Here’s some info that might help you. Or some more info and pics I might be able to tell…


Those are a close up on a section on the bud itself.
Buddy of mine told me not to go by the sugar leaves because the trichomes ripen at different rates? My eyesight is terrible and I’m just starting out plus it’s one of those whole lot of work,lots of mistakes and lucky to get a few OZ’S type of grows.
When I do get a good focus with scope, a good majority do look cloudy like in picture or so my wife tells me anyway. Was hoping for a 2nd opinion

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The two I see are cloudy I’d hate to make the call on a billion trichomes by looking at two but if I must then I’d say go for it. Yes your buddy is right about the leaves that’s why I said to make sure you’re looking at bud. As for mistakes I’ve been growing this shit for years and I still make plenty of them and I can’t blame the weed anymore because I quit smoking lol… happy Easter to you and yours. Good luck on the girls :evergreen_tree::eyes::sunglasses:

Order a usb microscope off walmart or something will get u a nice poc to look at. Only cost like 10 to 15 bucks for 1. Ull love it lol.

Like this kinda. Erased all my pics in my phone damnit

The handheld scope we have usually shows everything quite well. Probably needs the lense cleaned as it usually shows everything. We will try to get a better,clearer picture this evening when lights go on.
I depend on the wife’s eyesight usually and she knows just as much as I do.
Thanks to all for the input and have a blessed Easter if celebrating it!!

this one is a bit better of a different plant that is maybe 2 weeks younger. Hopefully it helps but definitely will try for better of plant in question

How about an overall picture of the plant and one individual cola in white light please.

Happy cake and egg day @Myfriendis410

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Had the wife take some new pics and hopefully they are helpful.
I know we did alot wrong as it’s our first try. Poor Lighting being the first problem and over water/nutrients being next and of course finding this forum way too late into our grow. I feel like we should have been able to do much better but at this point it’s all just spilled milk and no use crying after 8th wk of flowering

Also here’s a question that’s boggled us. Plant shown grew to basically 5 ft with long stretch between nodes,skinny leaves etc while others maybe went to 30 inches,short between nodes and fat leaves. All from same seed. Supposedly was from fruity pebbles strain.
Did we screw something up? Stress? We did all the same way from germinating to flower.
Also,plant shown has fatter and denser buds while others are smaller,fluffier buds