"New to Growing.. So, so new."

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I’m new to growing. So, so new. I live rural and there’s plenty of reason for greenhouses and shade houses on my property. There is a plastic greenhouse with my male in it and I have 2 female clones in the shade house. They seem to be doing okay. The ambient temperature here during the day is about 28 degrees celcius. So it makes sense my clones (gifted) are doing well in the shade house at about 25 degrees. The baby girls get a half mixture of soil A and soil B fertiliser and my boy gets a full mix.

This brings me to my problem, soon the girls will need to be moved as the shade house is a nursery for many things and I’m not the only person who enters it. The greenhouse is private however it is extremely hot. I am unable to measure the temperature in there right now but I’m guessing it’s around 30-35 celcius in the hot parts of the day. Is this too hot for my girls? Or does it not matter so long as I keep the watering regiment up?

Is it okay to use worm wee and fertiliser or should I just stick with the A&B?
It is of utmost importance my girls do well, they’re all I’ve got.
My final note is around the sex of the plants. You do explain this in your bible however I still don’t fully comprehend. Seeds are just seeds right? The elements determine their sex later? And cloning a male only gives you a male. So how do the females come about in the first place!? Thanks!!"

Can you apply shade cloth to the greenhouse? Additional ventilation? That is high temperature but it is what it is too.

Worm castings are great for the plants!

There are 2 kinds of seeds: regular (male and female) and feminized. Using chemicals or extreme heat, a female plant in flower is stressed into seeding without a male. The result are feminized seeds. They are more unstable than a regular female and can hermi on you more easily.


This may probably be the dumbest question to ever be asked on this sacred site, is there a chemical to make a male plant produce a seed(is it male or fem), or possible to turn into a flowering male? A trans-cannabis plant? Weird I kno I wouldn’t ever try it! No way! Just wondering if it was ever possible/done before. :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I have a messed up brain I know. It’s the scientist in me​:sweat_smile:

So there are regular, male and female, feminized seeds, and auto flower feminized seeds. So 4 different types and 2 genders. What about a male turned female! Kind of like the Jenner’s father what’s his/her name? Or should I say IT’S name!

There are hermaphrodites, plants with both sexes. Females that have been overstressed can turn hermi. They’re no good, and you should purge them from your garden if you find them.

@kushpa You didn’t read my post correctly, I asked if a male can turn female. Or can a male produce a seed with a chemical???

I read it correctly, I was addressing the term “flowering male” and the term “trans-cannabis.” Technically, a hermi IS a flowering male. It’s just a female turned male trans, as opposed to a male turned female trans. To my knowledge, there is no way to use a chemical to turn a male plant into a female plant.

However, you CAN apply a chemical to a female plant that has been fertilized to turn ALL of the seeds from that plant female. That’s how feminized seeds are made. Not quite the same thing, I know, but that’s as close to what you asked as I’ve heard of.

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Ohhhhhhh I get it now! thanks bro that’s hilarious actually about the hermie plant being a female turned male, but I wa just saying from the seed if it were a male, it could not ever turn female. Very interesting! I learned something new, just like every day haha @kushpa