New to growing re nutrients

Hello all, I came home from holiday and found a marijuana plant growing in my garden. Which I’m happy about but would like to know do I have to add any nutrients to the soil or should I say sand?

Do you have a photo?

I have a photo but don’t know how to upload it from my iPad. Do you know how do it?

Not sure if you can open this?


That’s a pretty healthy spontaneous growing plant in sand. Methinks somebody might have been tending it while you were away.


Jeez, I’d like to go away for a holiday & come home to a mysterious pot plant growing in my yard. Where do I sign up for this service? :grinning:


Come to Jeffrey’s Bay I South Africa :joy:

:thinking::joy::joy:I’ll have to speak to the pet sitter . I had put some compost in the sand when I was planting the succulents, I think that is where the bush has sprung from.

Looks pretty good. It is currently in vegetative stage, so nutrients seem to available enough from your garden soil.

Look into Lacto Bacillus, and fruit ferments (Korean Natural Farming), and that should be all you need.

Thanks Latewood, I will look into them.