New to growing-OG City Diesel


Thanks for the info.
They definitely starting to bush out now. 4 days under 12/12, the one plant that has always had droopy leaves is not growing much, I’m going to give it till sexing them but I’m thinking of pull it so I’m putting energy into the best plants. The other 2 caught up to the big one and the leave have got much bigger the long ones are close 9 inches for the center leaf.
I’m running my light @600w would 1000w give bigger plants/yields or is it overkill for 2-4 plants.
When I take the clones I’m hoping to improve on what I’ve started. I’m just setting up a single DWC to run it for a week to check pumps, times and thermostats but have also set up new soil buckets just in case the DWC does not work.


I hate culling anything but understand. Energy best diverted elsewhere.

Also I’m of the thought “more light in flower the better”. But I’ll poke some his users n the light man @Sixpackdad @1BigFella @garrigan65 @dbrn32 see what is said.


Depends on how big plants are. A 1000 watt will yield more in a full 4x4 than a 600 in a full 4x4 on just about all accounts.



hope this helps

Robert Bergman

The grow room

Marijuana light cycle
More light = more weed
Different lights
The best systems
Positioning lights and plants
Distance between light and plant
Use reflective materials
Safe installing

If you are planning on growing your Cannabis indoors, you most likely have already taken
a look at the different lighting options available. Every grower has his or her personal
preference for grow lights, and you have probably already received advice about setting
up your own lighting system in one way or another. But how do you know that it is the best
way for you?

This article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision
that will be best for you. It includes the various options for customization, as well as
a few essential tips that are useful for every lighting system.

You can get a better feel for the setup of a new lighting system by reading through the
entire thing, or using it as a reference for more specific aspects of lighting and Cannabis.
The main topics covered are:

Marijuana light cycle

Light cycle cannabis

One of the easiest to control and most important factors contributing to cannabis growth
are the light cycles. As with all plants, cannabis relies on light as the foundation for
the photosynthesis (wiki) process, the process by which the plant produces food and energy.
Under natural circumstances, cannabis would follow the changing seasons in a particular
environment. It would germinate, grow, flower, and go to seed all as reactions to changes
in that environment.

These changes include changes in light exposure, changes in temperature, and changes in
relative humidity. The most important factor is almost always light, however, especially
the cycles in which lighting occurs. The cycles of light and darkness are roughly equivalent
to the relation of hours of night and hours of daylight in a day.

Generally, cannabis plants get more light in a vegetative phase, and equal amounts of
light and darkness during flowering cycles. Cannabis seeds are typically germinated during
the spring when the hours of sunlight in a day begin to increase. They will continue to
grow until the days get shorter and shorter.

Eventually, as the shorter days warn of winter, the plants will begin the flowering
process so that they can reproduce and pass on their genes. When the days are longest,
the cannabis plant has the time and energy to develop a strong structure in preparation
for heavy, sticky buds. At least, this is how the cycle would work in nature. Because of
the wealth of growing techniques and artificial growing systems, sometimes these natural
cycles can be modified and taken advantage of. In general, growers want the plants to be
as healthy and strong as possible without expending any energy on seeds or reproduction.

Download my free marijuana grow guide at this link for more growing tips

As alluded to above, growers can take advantage of the way plants develop in nature,
essentially hacking the plants to perform in certain ways. One of these techniques is
sometimes called ‘forcing.’ Forcing is the process of taking a plant that has been
experiencing very long days (long exposure to light, between 18-24 hours) and suddenly
switching the light exposure to only about 12 hours. By imitating the change from
spring to summer, this technique has the effect of causing the cannabis plant to rapidly
begin the flowering cycle. It’s this sort of high sensitivity to changes in light cycles
and exposure that make it possible for growers to effectively grow cannabis.

18 hours of light + 6 hours of darkness = vegetation phase

marijuana light cyclecannabis light cycleweed light cycle

12 hours of light + 12 hours of darkness = flowering phase

marijuana weed cannabismarijuanacannabis

A pure Cannabis Sativa strain is not as sensitive to the light changes as some other
varieties because it is originally from tropical regions of the globe. Generally
speaking, the relationship between night and day is more stable in these tropical
regions and changes relatively little between seasons. This is one of the reasons that
Cannabis Sativa is larger than other varieties, taking up to 5 full months to reach
maturity. Because it becomes so large before flowering, it is not as common for indoor
gardeners to use a Pure Sativa strain. Hybrids can be grown without any problems.

If you are growing outdoors, be aware of the zone you are growing in and make sure
that the climate is right. It’s very easy for a Sativa to die or be hurt in cold weather
before it gets a chance to mature or flower if it’s being grown outside of its native
tropical zone. This can be ameliorated somewhat by the use of a greenhouse. Read the
article Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Your Climate for more information

Feel free to experiment and do your own research into light cycles. Every cannabis
strain will react slightly differently to different stimuli. The bottom line is that
the light cycle is very important to the end product harvested. When cannabis plants
receive the right amounts of light in the right cycles, the plant will thrive. A plant
flowers when the ratio of light/dark is equal while they will stop flowering when the
periods of darkness are interrupted by light.

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More light = more weed

More light is more cannabis

Regardless of whether you choose to grow your cannabis indoors or out, you are
going to need a good source of light. More light means more weed. In nature, plants
use the sun. Light is the force which makes photosynthesis possible, converting that
energy into usable glucose and oxygen. Photosynthesis splits hydrogen from oxygen and
then combines with oxygen and glucose.

Glucose is the fuel of the plant, the chemical that powers the basic building and
growing functions that carry Cannabis from seed to smoke. Your plants use a lot of
light to produce it, and, in general, the more, the better. The important thing to
remember is to keep the rest of the environment balanced with whatever amount of light
you’re applying. You need to monitor the temperature, humidity, and levels of carbon
dioxide in the air. Beyond that, your plant requires adequate nutrients and plenty of water.

Your eventual goal as a grower is a high-quality yield of buds, and this will be
determined in great part by the amount of light your plants receive. Cannabis is
especially receptive to heavy lighting, and the quality and size of your flowers
will be determined in part by all those lumens!

In general, you want a minimum of 30,000 lm per 10 square feet in your grow room.
With the proper balancing of the environment, you can go all the way up to 80,000
lm per 10 square feet. Don’t do this unless you are planning on devoting a lot of
time, energy, and money into making sure that the environment is constantly getting
the necessary tweaks.

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The flowers or buds of the Cannabis plant are comprised of the stalk, the leaf, and
the calyx. If a plant receives light in abundance, then the plant will focus more on
producing calyces than making flowers. The reverse holds true. If a plant isn’t getting
enough light, then more energy will be devoted to the production of leaves, and you will
end up with a worse harvest. This is because the plant is trying to compensate for the
low amount of light by making extra leaves to pull in sunlight.

The spectrum of light your plants are receiving affect growth a great deal. The sun has
a very full spectrum, but you can control the types of light you are using in your grow
room to achieve some excellent effects. Photosynthesis and a number of chlorophyll related
reactions are stimulated by the orange, red and blue sections of the spectrum. Phototropism
is controlled by colors ranging from blue to ultraviolet. This is the phenomenon by which
a plant grows itself into the best possible position for capturing light.

The most important general rule to remember about light and Cannabis cultivation is that
red spectrum colors induce flowering, while blue spectrum colors promote growth.

The cycles or periods of time during which your plant receives light is also important.
While your plant is growing, it should be receiving about 18 hours of light for every 6 hours
of darkness. When it’s time to flower, you’ll want to switch to 12 hours of light and 12
hours of darkness (hint: there are only 24 hours in a day). One of the really nice things
about indoor growing is that you have full control over the light. You choose how the
passage of night and day will occur, and so you should be mindful of providing it in ideal
proportions so that your plant thrives.


Thank you for that, helped reading it again(in a good way). Now along with more light more weed, in a 4x4 tent, 2-4 plant at what point is putting so much light in that you wasting more energy than the plants use and it’s just extra heat and wasted money.
Already the info I’ve read and received from ILGM community has made my first grow very successful no matter the end result as I’ve been able to take what I have and get to this point without major problems is a win.
It a testament to cannabis that I’m able to even try this so it nice to rely on myself to grow it instead of buying it all the time, figured prices would be coming down and quality up but in South Washington State they doubled this month and the thc is low 20’s for my strains if they even have them.

The great thing is it gets me tinkering. I have wishlist to build and I have almost everything here.
Resin press
(Live resin) Keif shaker
And my last thing would be the ultimate small dry herb vaping water bubbler the ones I use now are hard to clean (I spend more time cleaning then smoking), cheap materials, cheap pyrex knock offs crack. Sorry off topic.


Thanks for the info @PurpNGold74 thanks for farming this out, its starting to give me some good ideas about the next step.


Yup my man. As always exactly what the doc ordered. Thanks you and DB. Solid knowledge as usual. :+1:t5::facepunch:t5:

N no problem @Roguewrench. Just happy to be of some help. Good luck


They are getting close to harvest. I took clones a week ago.
It was late in flower when I trimmed. So divided to just try cloning. Definitely shock but I think they may make it.

Some close ups of the buds, 4 plant under 2 weeks to harvest, 5 clones 6 days in cloner.


O u have a good bit longer til harvest. Kind of light again? Looks kinda stretchd. But those pistils should brown


I dropped a SL1000w VRD Sun Master.
I did not trim soon engouh and my first flower build was only 600. I swapped after 1st week flower. I’m starting week 3 of flower. All took an extra month to get here.
The small one is a mini buds plant all those nuggs were about 1" dia when dry.
I hano problem letting them go more I’m more worried the inside area is getting dense and the leaves are really stretching out for light. Should I trim a little for inside and the wider ring of lower leaves? I pick up feeding cycles alternating water food about 3hours day/ one time night.


Yea. Some defoliation of larger fan leaves to open up lighting to lower middle areas is advisable. I think that’s what u asking. N @ 3 weeks u got way more the a week to go lol


These are from early this morning. First 4 are the plants, the 2 others are just closer pics of the buds. The small plant is about a week behind the others and I did confirm that this is a NWCS Mini Budz.
Since I have no clue, I defer to those with knowledge. Boy they are starting to get really strong, my eyes almost water when I open the tent.


They look friggin great. Yea ur getting closer to the end then i thought. Love the stack on the second plant. Looks like the bud development on my ShowOff. Golfball round


@PurpNGold74 quick question, does this mean they flip hermi? I checked and checked then over the last 3 days these thing showed up. Maybe I stressed them when I thinned them. It looks like 2 flipped the small one and my best plant are still not showing the same thing.


Uh oh… most the pics show all girly parts… this one…

@raustin @dbrn32 @MattyBear @crazyots uhh tell me my eye decieve me


That looks kinda iffy. Check them to see if it seems like they will have pistils.


Tough to tell from what I see. Pluck it off and see if anything’s inside…


That looks like it could be a ball cluster starting, but it’s hard to tell from the picture.


@raustin @dbrn32 @MattyBear @crazyots I think 2 hermied, they have the pods but only on some stems not all and right now they are almost all off, only about 20 left on plants. No more showed up heres some pics.
Two stem pics 2 different plants, the bud pics are from each one. There hairs starting to change colors. Getting just a little orange hue.
The single pod is from the tallest plant, the bunch is from the second one. They look like a wheat pod looks like its open at the top.
They remind me of seeds pods but there not acting like seed pods.



Yeah, sorry, but that’s a hermie.