New to growing need help

Hello guys I am new to growing. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for the best medium to high yield strains. I am also looking to grow it inside. So if anyone can help me figure out how to make a cheap grow room inside would be awesome.

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Cheap? What size space makes a huge difference. How big of a space are you thinking?

Also dwc or soil? Dwc is a hydro setup. I’m going to start that on Thursday.

Super Silver Haze produces pretty high yields and grows well indoors…as does chocolope

Welcome to ILGM. Lots to learn here. First I would go to the Guides section and download the Grow Bible

It’s a must read for anyone. The size of the room, lighting needed, extra equipment and supplies, etc. all depend on what you want to grow, the room you have and the time you want to spend tending them.

I would start with a hearty strain like Northern Lights and grow one or two plants tops on the first grow.

This is fun :ghost::ghost:


Something that is easy to grow, produce a few grams maybe an ounce if lucky, cheapest setup like the lights and soils.

I was thinking of growing roughly a few grams to an ounce and in my closet so roughly a foot or 2 is fine I think.

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I was thinking of growing white widow, amnesia, or AK48 or Ak47 I forgot which one it was. However I don’t care what I grow I just want decent yield and the experience if growing bud.

The White Widow is a very easy plant to grow you can get a decent yield out of it and it is a pretty tough little plant . As far as cheap lighting lowes has some florescent lighting that is not to bad you will need a fan to circulate air are you going to use a closet , or a tent for your grow ? You can get a decent tent for under a hundre dollars on Amazon along with nutrients for about another 30 to75 bucks . My grow is pretty basic and I have about 450 to 550 invested in it some of the long term growers on here have many thousands in thier setups. YouTube also has some do it yourself grow light videos that might help but not sure how good they are . The way I look at it is if I can get 3 or 4 ounces out of my grow I am ahead of the game in cost . Good luck and make sure to download the grow bible that @Stomper suggested it is a wealth of information

I made a dresser into my grow box. I had everything at home to make it. I’m in construction and have tons of stuff. The bulbs are cheap and the clips at lowes are $2.99 each and the y’s are the same and some kinda fan. That’s it for a dresser grow. It’s cheap and it’ll produce about that. More clf’s the better, just watch heat

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I would like to use my closet space for it.

Here’s a digital copies of the grow bible

I agree White Widow is a good choice as it’s listed as easy to grow indoors. Another is Northern Lights…
The grow bible is a great resource as is simply reading here on the forum and reading the articles and blogs on the ILGM web site.
If you are growing in a closet you will want to check out how to train your plants to grow out instead of up.
4 main things to know about:
Heat- temps in grow area
Light- plaint needs to live
Air- fresh air so plant has CO2
water & nutrients you will have to provide what a plant needs to live
Take the time to learn and ask questions cuz the people here are THE BEST and will not steer you wrong. I hadn’t grown anything before this so if I can do it with this sites help anyone can…
Hope this helps

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? My family I have a buddy that turned me on to this so he does the germinating he mixed the soil eventually I’m going to do it myself so I want to know here are some of the ingredients he is using is any of this good or should I get what yall suggest we are growing in soil

Notice your soil bags says continuously feeds for two months so you won’t want to add any of the manure or really anything else to it for at least to the 4to6 week stage and I would take a picture of the bag that shows nutrient levels and kind of nutrients in the soil . A few guys on here use miracle grow but most have switched to a different medium because it can be a killer for new plants from what I understand . Happy Frog , ocean forest black gold are all tried and true soil . Just like us they are what they eat and just like you don’t feed a baby steak you have to be careful what nutrients you give your plant . I’m not positive about this but I would bet the cow manure will fry your plants . If your soil doesn’t have perlite in it to help keep it loose so water can get to the roots you will want to add it to the dirt.

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