New to growing need advice

This is my first grow and I have some ?. To start I have no idea wut strain these are got the seeds from my cousin, they are outdoor and the only thing I put in the ground was some bone marrow and blood meal when I turned soil… I water once a week, twice if it’s over 100 degrees. My question is how long would u say till I can pull them and cure them. Oh and they strated flowering around first of August.


Nice plant u have there, I’m afraid you have quite awhile to go before they are ready to be harvested

Im woth kiwi. Those monsters look like 2 months. Maybe even 3. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: beautiful plants tho

Depending on where u are located outdoor harvests start around mid October to kate November. Depends on location and strain. The absolute earliest would be around early October and that’s if it’s a quick flower.

U will need to water more often in flower. Specially mid flower. I water outside at minimum every other day if not everyday. Mother Nature has been taking care of it here lately but on average 5 x a week

It’s a beauty. Enjoy! Looks healthy too

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That is a beautiful plant :sunny: did you top her when she was young ?

Beautiful plant :+1: It looks sativa dominant. So it may flower for along time. You should go by the color of the trichomes on when to harvest. My guess would be at least 8 more weeks!

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Thanks I have 4 others a bit smaller but that was the first to come up it had a brother same kind so I pulled it as soon as I noticed it was male. I think 1 of the other’s is male also. I’ll post piks 2maro. I live in modesto ca. The others don’t get as much sun for they are on the side of my house but they are growing about 1/2 inch. a day it seems.

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Sorry I forgot to mention, I topped it the first time in late May then again in mid June I was trying to not have it grow taller than my 8’ fence. And as far as watering, I was watering 2-3 times a week for a while but my ground soil holds water like crazy, I can water and even in 100+deg. Weather the top soil stays wet for a couple days.which I thought was weird. But as long as it’'s growing like it is I’ll let I be.

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Here are my other little ones

the third pic and the last one are same plant I think it’s a boy and gunna pull today after work.

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Definitely a male. And I agree, you have a while before worrying about harvest.


It’a a boy all right.

You might think along the lines of adding some nutrients specifically for flowering. One of the Fox Farms products with a high P and K like Open Sesame might be good. If you want all natural, worm castings are great and you can make a tea from it.

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Thanks I’ll definitely look into some nuets. today after work.

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Update on my grow. There are a lot of yellow leaves and some wilted inside.

but other than that she looks pretty healthy. My little ones are alright I guess, except my pup keeps chewing some leaves off now and then. and got a new one came up two days ago

Thats what mine looked like when I got home from vacation. They weren’t watered and it was hot and sunny. Probably heat stress.