New to growing need advice on health and transition

Hey all thanks for any advice, this is my first grow and wanting any tips or thoughts. It’s been exactly one month since seed. Includes termination time. I am growing northern lights not auto flower. How long should I wait till I transition to blooming. I am not looking for crazy yields just some medicine for my wife and self since we are disabled. That I can produce every 3 months. Should I get ready to transition to flowering now? Should I do anything to the plant? I’ve been LST the plant for a while now. Not that I am an expert.


I would give it a bit more time. Even though you are not interested in crazy yields. Flowering takes a long time. Not knowing how much you and your wife need to make it ~three months between grows it’s hard to say exactly when to flip. At a minimum I would wait for it to show sex. Prior to that you are really just depriving it of six hours of light to grow by because it won’t flower anyway if it isn’t sexually mature.


Hey to answer your first question we smoke very little maybe a small bowl a day, mostly just when need to do some work. Makes the pain manageable. I will have to do some research believe it is showing sex already but I could be wrong. How does the plant look at this point unhealthy? Thanks so much

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Looks great! Nice and healthy. My pleasure.

Bringing up an old thread for a thought for someone in a similar situation: Have you considered growing autoflowers? If you’re not looking for huge yield but are looking for a steady supply an auto flower planted every month or two would seem to check both boxes. And because you don’t need to change the lights from 18/6 you could conceivably germinate outside the grow space, have one plant in veg, one at flower, and one ready to harvest in one grow space. A drying space would be needed but that could be a cardboard moving box with string threaded through it.

Something like this:
Oct plant seed A,
Nov veg A, plant seed B
Dec early flower A, veg B, plant seed C
Jan late flower A, early flower B, veg C, plant seed D
Feb harvest A, late flower B, early flower C, veg D, plant seed E
Mar harvest B, late flower C, early flower D, veg E, plant seed F
and on and on…