New to growing just needed a little guidance


I just recently purchased ww and bb auto flowering from Ilgm. My order came on time. I germinated 1 of each and they both popped successfully. I have a 4 foot stealth Hydroponic box from unique Hydroponic with a 300w LED. So far they are looking good. Right now I have them on an 18 hr on and 6 hr off light cycle. I would like too know is that the right amount of time for them? Also id like to know if I wanted to switch the time frames up how can I do so??? For example, I turn the light on at 440 pm and turn it off at 1040 am. Well I want to switch the time from 440 pm on and 1040am off to 2pm on and 8am off. How do I do that without messing up my girls?


They are Autos they will grow under any light cycle, though 18/6 is a bit long 16/8 or close to that is the norm. You can even grow them at 12/12

If you want to switch the time on/off just switch it. A one time change in their lighting won’t effect them in any way. @Akhmilli

Welcome to the ILGM Forums! Nice little setup you’ve got there. I’m a soil grower so not much help on the setup!


Welcome to the forum, autoflowers don’t care about light schedules, and will flower at anytime. Happy growing! @Akhmilli


Thanks a lot for your support


Thanks a lot


Anytime @Akhmilli just glad to help!


do you have all the holes you are not using closed? @Akhmilli
i have a similar box set-up and three plants will be very crowded in there…
i have found that one at a time works best…
the nine hole set-up you have is for starting seeds or leafy greens …
i’m not trying to down your system,just giving you some real data…
any questions just ask,i’ll help as much as i can…
welcome and happy growing!


No I don’t have them closed. Why should I close them?


on the holes you do not have plants in,they need to be closed so algae will not take over…
let us call some hydro guys, @Donaldj, @kabongster@bob31 could you elaborate further on this subject?


Algae can make a real messy of any hydro system very fast and can be annoying to treat simpler not to let it get in.


What is the best thing to cover those holes with


they sell foam blocks,but good ol’duct tape works as long as light does not enter


I actually paint opaque lids grey or cut panda plastic to wrap lid


Welcome to the forum! You’re definitely in the right place for the best advise! Good luck in your growing!


Is there something wrong with this


Is there something wrong with this plant


She looks pretty droopy @Akhmilli I’m a soil grower, so let’s get some backup on this one! @Donaldj @BIGE @Covertgrower

BTW post the question once and then tag us like I tagged you and the others. That way we get a special flag to come by and see whats going on.


Ok let me know what you find out


@Akhmilli @bob31 soil grower here. When looking at the temporary medium zoomed in, the medium looks very saturated in water. It looks a bit wilty because I don’t think the roots are getting enough oxygen. It looks about the same as my plants when I over water. I know you probably have to have a medium to start with. But I think rockwool would be a better solution, because it drains well, and still allows for air next time.


Yes, I see that now too. I saw the system and assumed it was a water grow and didn’t realize they will still starting in the peat pods. @Covertgrower good call!