New to growing , issues that I think need addressed

What about a folair spray @Myfriendis410 @garrigan62 could that be a option with what I have listed above ? New ph meter will be here Thursday, I have a soil ph meter that tells me my soil is at 7.0-7.3 what’s the best way to correct this and ty guys for helping me

I’m not a big fan of foliar feeding or spraying liquid on the leaves, unless treating for a pest. I believe your plant will be fine once you are back in range with PH.


I tried the folair feeding, I noticed a improvement but the 3 plants are still sickly bud growth is just ok not great . I’m going to get nowhere near the yield I was hoping for :triumph::sob:but it’s my first time and I’m still proud of my girls

I’ll post updated pics later today

@Myfriendis410 and to top things off I now have spider mites this is some bullshit lol , I still have about 5 weeks till harvest i’ve done hours of reading I’m pest and nutes and soils , I’m doing the studying lol anything and everything has hit this crop lol thank you for your words of advice I’m all ears if anyone has a way to kill these nasty fuckers before they kill my girls

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Update : new ph meter came … needed to calibrate right out of the box . Found out my old meter was off out of the box lol . So the whole time these girls have been getting the wrong ph . Should have been about 8.0 . The whole damn time . Screw a cheap ph meter . Found out my water out of the tap is 7.34 . So I did a slurry test posting the results and pics of how my girls look now . I’ve noticed that the buds aren’t growing like I think they should and the color of the leaves are way off , they should be a deep green , not this light green yellow. While waiting on my new ph meter I used only calmag and tap water . I think that’s the only reason they are still alive . Also attached is pictures of the plant that will take the spot of the ones in flower once they are done . Plus the seeds that I just got in today… I can’t wait to start these .


They look good to me considering an unknown ph went in for awhile. They should finish well.

Well I watered last night with unknown ph water for the last time I’ll enter again tomorrow and I’ll post pics of them and what I did to correct them

I’ve noticed a improvement over the last 3 days since I got a meter that is actually calibrated as it should be . . But I see all these other grows where the buds a just so huge . Is there anything else I could be doing ? I’m pleased with them , I learned so much. ABout what I have going on . I just feel like I’m starving them of something vital .

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They look good! You have a ways to go yet. Most of the fattening up will come at the end. Just keep em healthy :wink:

Hey Mr Ronnie,
Your plants are getting better. There are experienced growers in our group who grow killer buds. You are just starting out, and it takes time to learn everything so you can grow big buds. It will come for you. These plants are very resilient, and can come back from a lot of problems.
Maybe I am just an old hippie, but I was ecstatic that I got 2.75 oz out of my 1st grow. You grow, you learn, and then you make some adjustments and grow again. Each time a little better than the one before. Be patient, and bring those girls on to harvest!

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I’ll see these girls through, I don’t doubt they will be good . The babies I have coming up after these will produce much more in weight . I’m going to monster crop / clone the mango sherbet this week just because they smell so awesome. It’s relaxing working with these plants and I’m sure rewarding in the end .