New to growing , issues that I think need addressed

Ok as stated I’m new to this but I find it enjoyable. And info you guys could provide would be awesome, thanks in advance. I’ve been reading on this form for awhile. Ok to start these plants were outside until they started showing signs of flower. I did no training, I was scared to kill them . So I brought them inside in a 4x4 tent with a hps hood then swapped to a mars led

the strain is mango sherbet I’m concerned that the stems ar turning red / purple. Temp In tent is 73-78f and humidity is 40-68% light is the tsw2000 by mars


I have a very similar looking plant. I read up on it and it can literally be like anything or nothing. It can be because of stress, nutrient issues, pH issues, light issues…lol. what I read was that if everything else is good with the plant you shouldn’t worry about it. She looks healthy otherwise to me.

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LED lighting can cause this. Plant looks healthy otherwise so I wouldn’t worry too much

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Super common its generally light(called a sun tan) or genetic related

Red stems are usually from LED, I have them too. Looks like you need more lighting. I would recommend an upgrade in the future.


Ph was 6.7 runoff from flush was 960
Strain is mango sherbert
Light: mars hydro tsw 2000
Only nutes are bio thrive bloom and humbolt secret golden tree
But you can see in the pics that something is off and this picture is the plant that I need to be told it’s wrong lol . It doesn’t have balls or a pecker that I can see or that I’ve compared in any pictures I’ve seen online all help is Appreciated

Are all the issues located along or stemming off this branch? I would doctor that.

That was just a natural thing that happened. My concerns are all the flower sites on this one plant look crazy different than my other 4 . Not as much development on the buds . I don’t know if it’s not a hermie I’ll be happy… this is my first grow and I’m learning

this and the nite above are the only ones I’ve used and I have realized that I should have had cal-mag in the mix … I’m new to this but eagerly learning. As far as what I see right now they are healthy and I think it’s only because of the soil lol . If anyone wants to chime in to offer advice/ tell me how to not screw this up . I see some of you guys with monsters , I want to get there one day . Thank you for any and all advice.

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And I know it looks like a broken stalk in the picture but it’s not , it’s just a weird formation that looks like a bresk

Still more issues, or a issue I didn’t correct fully , remember I’m new to this indoor growing, this issue is on all my plants (4)
Coco and soil mix
General hydroponics nutes
Ph 6.2-6.8
Mars Hydro tws 2000
4x4 tent
Temp 71-78f
Humidity 60%

Maybe @Myfriendis410 can help with this line up of nutrients.
It looks like they’re hungry. And have nutrient burn at the same time. Have you check the run off ph?

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Anything you can do to help

@Myfriendis410 can you pls get with me to offer some help pls

I’ve never used General Organics. I would however be feeding at around 900 ppm and PH’ing to 6.0 with that soil/coco mix. Use max dose of cal mag on water only days (alternate between feeding/watering). It would be helpful to take the TDS of runoff next time you do. PH as well.

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@Myfriendis410 ph meter took a shit on me I misplaced The calibration packets so I have no way to calibrate it and it turns out it was off quite a bit. So I ordered a new one . My thing is after I fix my ph issues will my deficiencies that are showing go away. I’ve grown outside and it’s nothing like growing inside way different

You will see the aftereffects of your PH departure but always look to new growth for signs of improvement.

I seen a major improvement in my girls from just using calmag
And regular water from my Tap , I removed some of the damaged and dead leaves