New to growing indoors

Not sure what’s going on with my plant leaves. Need help


I don’t see anything wrong

Happy growing she looks fine. Sativa leaves are wider and darker. Look like it’s. Coming along flint. I’m a dwc as well

Welcome to the community. Your plants look very nice. As others posted , nothing wrong. happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Maybe Im incorrect but this seems in reverse.


Good morning. New update tested the PH and its between 6 and 7 so I’m good there. I’m thinking it’s a magnesium deficiency.

Yes it does looks like a magnesium deficiency, time to start giving CalMag, I’d start with 5ml/gal for a few waterings then can reduce to 3ml/gal after that. Welcome to the forum.

Yes it is, indica leaves are wide and short, sativa leaves are thin and long.

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I started with Epsom salt and a foliage sprayer. 1tbs to 4 liters of rain water.

Epsom salt will work, if it does not fix the issue, there are other things we can look at. Running too much light in veg can often cause a magnesium deficiency look as well so if you are blasting a lot of light, may want to take it down a notch.

Thanks for the tip on the lighting. I’m currently running at 80% on my lights. I’m using spider farmer fs2000 dimmable led.