New to growing/cloning - so many questions!

I am brand new to growing…. Thanks for tolerating my questions and giving help!! I’ve come a long way on my own, but am so afraid of screwing things up now…

On my 2nd attempt on cloning, I think my babies have finally taken root. Yes! They have been under the dome for 10 days and in rapid rooter cubes. I have the vents mostly open at this point. My plan is to put the clones into small pots/cups and keep under a lamp until they are big enough to move outside.

My questions now are: 1- how do I know when it’s safe to transplant? 2- how should I water my newly rooted clones? 3- any other crucial tips?

Thank you in advance for the help. I’m growing clones to give to some friends…. We thank you!


Getting close. If roots good straight to forever pots. Treat as a seedling till good new growth then soldier on regular. Here are 3 clones started solo cups…direct to forever pots soon as new growth appeared. Just me.

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Hi there and welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:


Looking excellent Grow Bro and congrats on successfully cloning your 1st time. Once I know the roots are successfully taken I put them in a clear solo cup with medium with an outside solid color cup. I can take the outside cup off to see the root growth for transplant :love_you_gesture:

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Update on this post. I have 4 clones planted into soil and waiting on the rest to be better rooted. I have my new clones under a full spectrum light in a closet for now. Tips on how to get them acclimated to eventually move outside?

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Give them a few weeks to establish more roots then introduce them slowly a few hours a day to harden off :love_you_gesture:

I would pot these up either the forever pot or a gallon if you plan on a good veg with an additional transplant. The solo cups are great for additional rooting time, I put them in clear solo cups with a red one on the outside. You can pull the cup out to I see the root growth :love_you_gesture:

I left these in there starter cups for about 3 weeks. They were slow to take off due to make crappy light though.

These are the same plants and clones with 3 weeks in a tent and under a good amount of light.


Nicely done :love_you_gesture:

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