New to growing auto flower

This is week six of the sweet auto mix. The wedding cake is looking great so is the zkittlez but galeto has yellow fan leafs kinda hurts my soul a bit she’s tall and tons of bud sights I’m afraid to remove those leafs right now I’m using pro mix soil and cal Meg nutrients along side tiger bloom I’ve been alternating feeding and watering every other day or when the pots feel light and using fabric pots with 2000w led lights any info would be great

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Welcome to the community ! The third picture It is a little early in flowering stage for the plant to be consuming itself. Check your PPM runoff also pH. May need to pick up the bloom nutes a bit. Other two plants look good.


Welcome to the community! You’ll find all kinds of help and knowledge in these here forums

I’m curious about the 2000w light you are using
When I hear a number like that I’m automatically suspicious about the light company’s claim.

Not that it’s causing your yellow leaves but if the actual wattage is considerably lower in reality, it’s the type thing that the grower should be aware of especially since your in flower


Thank you for your help I was hoping that wasn’t the case I have been doing some research I was scared at first that I was over watering it so I was taking it easy on that but then realized I was harming them I think you hit it on the head I have been watching the ph level and ppm but I failed with the nutrients I noticed that there is some rust looking spots but it’s not fungi its not rubbing off so I added cal Meg to it hoping it will help with Magnesium and calcium deficiency if my research is right. I will up the bloom and take a closer look at the ph and ppm I thank you so much for your advice.

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Yeah it’s a wills Cree cob light it’s 436 actual wattage it’s has veg/bloom and a stronger setting with them in the flower stage I have the bloom/veg and stronger setting on set at 18/6 since they are auto flowering all three love the light but I also added a 100 watt led I used for my germ stage just to add to it

Good as long as you know it’s not 2000watts