New to growing and the forums

Hey all newbie grower here and new to the forums. Bought my 1st auto mix pack, blueberry, amnesia haze, and and Northern Lights, from ILGM in February, and wanted to share my grow thus far. I think they are doing pretty good but if anybody has any tips or advice to share I’m all ears. Using Happy Frog organic soil along with FF trio, and full spectrum 1000w led grow light. Currently have 5 growing, the photo is of the 1st 3 planted 1 of each seed. IMG_20180329_210010|281x500


I’m an outdoor guy, but would like to welcome you to the forum!

Congratulations on your seeds. You’re going to be happy with the results, I’m sure. Its a good selection from a good company.

There are plenty of people here with the ability and desire to help you get to a successful harvest!

Again, welcome…


Welcome to the forum, @Sallyjbush1977. I don’t think your picture uploaded. Would you try again?


Ahh! I thought it was my connection messing with me again!


Welcome @Sallyjbush1977 to ILGM! Congratulations on your first grow. Maybe you could try and post that picture again, it didn’t upload for some reason.

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Welcome to the forum @Sallyjbush1977 You found the best place for support a grower will ever have! Congrats on your 1st grow!

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Welcome to ILGM Sally

I’m not doing that one but I am doing the Fruity Pack.
If you could up load your Pic one more time. That would be cool.



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Welcome to the community!!
Great choice in seeds did the same pack last year but was unsuccessful with the amnesia haze due to inexperience but the blueberry and northern lights were exceptional and produced on average an oz per plant but there are growers here getting 6 oz and up if conditions and feeding is dialed in
Also a side note a lot of growers are having great results on a 12/12 for the life of the plants
Happy growin and happy you are sharing your grow with us

welcome to the forum - you will gain a lot of knowledge ,ect - from all the friendly members here !!

Welcome @Sallyjbush1977! Sounds like a nice first grow. I’m dying to see them, can you re load your picture?

Welcome to ilgm forum @Sallyjbush1977 .
Glad you found us… there is so much knowledge here, if you have any questions at all ask. You can tag anyone by putting the @ symbol then their handle like I did you above. Happy growing

Thank you all for such a wonderful welcome to the group, and I must apologize for my lack of response to you all, I’m in the process of getting my new home ready for 3 inspections(code enforcement, electrical, and insurance) so I can move so have been incredibly busy. Also I did try to upload some photos but am having some issue with that, maybe I am doing something wrong. When I try to upload an image from my device it keeps popping up all these weird numbers.

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OK I figured out how to upload them now lol



I have been using 18/6 lighting schedule and so far it seems to be doing well, Will have to lower the shelf and reposition the light as one is now just about touching it and the 3 tallest girls are getting a bit crowded


No need to apologize for not responding quickly. We all have lives that take place outside of here.

I’m glad you were able to figure out the upload. Images are very useful here and we love seeing other grows!

I’ll be tracking this topic…