New to growing and no till. Need help

Hello everyone! I need some serious help :grimacing:
I am up the Rocky Mountains and i am trying this no till growing stuff and well… i have a few issues. I am also completely new to growing anything besides my dogs lol
Started off with recycled soil, pro mix something. It was flushed and sat for about a month before i cleaned it out. Added the following (all organic stuff)
Worm castings
Fish bone meal
Blood meal
Bio-live (store was out of crab meal)
A dash of epson salt
I prepared each pot at a time, added a bit of pond water (from a natural spring) and cover with black pastic for a week. (Wanted to go longer but i had to make a judgment call with the seedlings-will explain in a bit).
Now for the girls…
I was gifted a Golden Goat which was 8wks old back in March 14th (she is the one that is in bad shape)
I was advice to keep her in veg cycle till end of May due to cold temps up the mountain (i thought this was crazy but…)
I was advice to feed her 1 tbsp of mollases w/10mil of cal-mag and alternate feeding with 1 tbsp of fish fertilizer per gal…
She was doing fine until about a week in a half ago. I will post pictures. Leaves are not looking good. Last week i was adviced to add some tomatoe organic food, so i did. Not much has changed. She is not in the new soil yet. I am waiting to finish the greenhouse to transpant her to new home n keep her outside. I am worried for her though…

Now for the babies…
March 23 I planted my first seed (started her in wet paper towel in a ziplock in dark space-don’t know her name)
April 7 I planted another (jelly sauce)
April 17th planted a few more.
For a total of 7 seedlings.
They were in just plain soil and only got 6.5-6.8ph water when needed. They were doing well, so I thought. Then last two wks I noticed no more growth except for stretching or lagging… after a bit of searching I decided to transplant them into the super soil I made and see if that would help. I also started to introduce them to the outside as the temp is warming up (in shade at first n then natural sun light - indoors at night n still keeping the 18/6 cycle)
The leaves were all looking horrible. Crinkled, different colors and just plain ugly n sad. I think they are making a come back as the leaves look a bit better but I still don’t notice a growth. Maybe bcuz it’s been a few days in their new home. I fed them yesterday just a bit of what I call fish water.
I am planning on making a compost tea in the next few days. I will add all the same stuff I added to the soil with the addition of some super rich stuff frm the creek that has horse manure and natural stuff directly from the earth. I have wood ash n volcanic rock/ash available on the property as well that I am thinking of adding but I am not sure.
Is this something I should feed everyone?
I need to stay as natural as possible. There is just so much information out there that it is overwhelming.

This is the GG that I got at 8wks old back in March. She is in a 7 gallon pot n I am hoping to be able to transplant her to a 15gal depending on advice received.
I have pruned her n topped her and I know she is due for another pruning but I am waiting for next step. I know she is a sativa dominate plant and I’ve heard she can sometimes be hard to grow…

These are the ones I started as seeds. They are in a 1 gallon pot for now and hoping I can transplanted them over to a bigger home. Not sure on size yet. I can go with 5, 7, 10 or even a 15 gallon pot (I think that one will be to much lol)

All but one are in new soil (the tallest one, I did not transplant as I thought she looked n was doing good so far) I know she has a bit discoloration in one leave but that is much better. That leave was a complete different color but has bounced back.

I am so sorry for this long post. I don’t want to loose these gals.
Oh, almost forgot. I also have clover crops around the property which I would like to add to the girls. Just don’t know when I should and how.
I also sprayed them with neem oil once last week.

that’s the fish thing I’ve been using and the light I have for now.

I am greatful for any advice.

I think you are trying too hard, your plants are getting too much fertilizer, too much topping and pruning and a transplant as well all in a short period of time.They are under stress.Your super soil sounds good but I dont think the seedlings are able to process what you have available without burning them. If you have the appropriate tools please check your soil ph and bring back to around 6.5ph .No more fertilizer, just plain ph water and let them dry out a bit between waterings. You should start to see them pick up over the next week. Remember the damaged growth will not change but the new growth should be healthy.


Before I saw @mountainman1’s post I thought man that soil is too hot! Too much going on too fast I agree and the advice above appears spot on to me.

Less is more generally speaking. @Jay0307


@mountainman1 and @Screwauger
Thank you so much!
So what do i do now?
I do not have a soil ph meter. The seedling seem to be bouncing back. Its the gg that i need to help. She is not in the rich soil.
I will only use ph water for the seedlings.
Thank you so much guys!

Yep I have loved a couple to death when I started . Remember they are a weed and as long as you dont let them stay dry to long they so okay especially in the first part of a grow

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Unfortunately some varieties are very finnicky when it comes to feeding nutrients and just wont play nice with everyone else. For the GG I recommend mixing up a lighter version(less additives to more base soil) of your supersoil recipe and transplant into a larger container using your supersoil mix in the bottom half of the pot only. Fill the remainder of the pot with your base soil and water in with ph 6.5 water only. To check the ph of your soil, first ph some water to neutral ph of 7.0, add a small handful of your soil and shake/stir vigourously for a few seconds . Sit the container down and let the contents settle for a short time. Once the majority of particles have settled you can take a ph reading and determine where your soil ph is at. Once you determine the soil ph you can manipulate the incomming ph to buffer the soil ph.Let your soil do the work and only water with 6.5 ph water and diluted compost teas.


Ughhhh :rage:
I am soooo mad right now! I knew i forgot something and that was to only use half of the super soil and and half regular soil, As you have mentioned to do with the gg. Well… thank God them sidlings are not fried yet and I am starting to see a bit of new growth. Its small but i see hope lol
I will try to transplant the gg today or tomorrow as you have suggested and water as mentioned as well and check the soil ph

Thank you! Thank you!!!


So i just checked ph on soil as you have mentioned.
I first got regular water to 7.0
Then i added some soil from one of the seedlings mixed well n let sit for about 10 minutes. I then strained it because there was a lot of floating things. Ph is at 7.4…
Is that still to high for the seedlings?

Today i am finally headed up to the store for remainder of greenhouse materials and gg will b transplanted :wink:

Thanks again!

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I don’t adjust my PH. Straight tap water sat out for at least 24 hours. I’ve always read adjusting the PH using any acids will kill the nutes in the soil. Unless you are supplementing nutes then you could run into a deficiency. This is speaking for organic grows only.


Ph is just a tiny bit high , If you can bring it down a little you will be fine.

I never saw this reply regarging ph…
Thank you for the information regarding the ph killing the soil. I definately dont want to do that at all!!! I didnt even want to ph at all lol but i was told i had to.
So no ph! That is awesome.
Let the water sit out for 24hrs before feeding, correct? I have two questions left… i think lmbo. I should say for now…
the person that was walking with me in this journey moved and now is to depressed to give me advice, smh
So… How do I bring the ph in soil down? The seedlings are hanging in there, thank God.
A few replys back you mentioned that if i make a tea i should water it down, that means after two days or so of bublebleling i should add more water right before feeding, like 50/50 correct? I started it last night.
I still have two plants that are not in super soil. I should transplant them into new homes as well?
I am so sorry for all the questions. But i am very thankful for your help! This forum is pretty awesome!!!

your ph is only slightly high so I would lower my incomming ph to around 6.3 for a couple of waterings and keep measuring your runoff and see if it goes down. Your super soil is loaded with nutrients so I think a diluted tea will do wonders. Bubble your tea foe 24/48hrs and then dilute 50/50 with 6.3 ph water and all should be sweet

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Yes, 24 hours or more. More is always better IMO. I just fill up empty pots/ buckets from my sink tap and let it sit out. Your letting the chlorine and other chemicals that will mess with your micro organisms in your medium. [quote=“Jay0307, post:11, topic:19868”]
So… How do I bring the ph in soil down?

I literally don’t adjust or check my PH at all anymore. Do some research into it and find what works for you. Again I don’t alter my PH at all because again adding anything to your water whether it be phosphoric or citric acid (PH up or PH down) that will play a factor in killing your nutes. This doesn’t mean you can’t grow or your plant will not grow. But it could cause deficiencies, affect yield, etc etc. But again, every plant is different. I’m sure plenty of people on here grow organic and still adjust their PH and don’t even realize it could be a potential problem. Different people different grow techniques.

I use Bu’s brew Compost tea, I don’t dilute it. I’m sure diluting it will not be a problem, if anything your just making more for you to use cost efficiently. As anything else people probably dilute it just to ensure there’s nothing in their tea that will be introduced in too high of a quantity causing nute burn. But most teas I’ve seen don’t have much that would cause burn. Research whatever tea your using. [quote=“Jay0307, post:11, topic:19868”]
I still have two plants that are not in super soil. I should transplant them into new homes as well?

Try to read your plants, they’ll look droopy, or start to stunt if your beginning to get root bound. At this point you should have already transplanted. Typically when the leaves are getting close to the edge of the Pot in the young Veg stages that’s when you know you need the transplant. Autos typically require 3-5 gallon smart pots are always nice, or regular fems typically 5 to as big as you pretty much want whether it be indoor/ outdoor, what strain etc etc. You don’t want to transplant to often. Not only is it a headache but it’s a lot of stress for baby MJ. Always try to jump up a few sizes if anything so your not back to back transplanting every week.

Research research research, thumbing through posts, topics, grow bible, plant care bible etc etc.

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My understanding was that making well balanced super soil there should be no need for ph adjustments. I try and harvest as much rain water as I can , try not to use my tap ,we have very high ppms. I have even used irrigation canal water and has worked fine for me. I have also gone the fancy route and spent on R.O water with the same results. I make my own compost and super soils and have had great success and have never once phd my water, seeing your plant it’s in rich soil plus the fish fertilizer added I would just water my plant and let it adjust itsself back to normal, plants know how to fix are mistakes, also just plain water and you should be fine,@mountainman1 I don’t think you’re trying to lead him wrong I agree also with your advice but adding ph to adjust will help the plant intake nutrients but also will kill off some microbes therefore in it resulting you will have to keep adjusting every feeding eventually killling of the microbes. Your microbes are like a little herd of cattle grazing in your root zone, the happier they are the more they poop and their poop is nutrients that are readily available for our plants roots. That’s how I was taught, I hope this helps, check out my compost bins. Have a great night everyone.


Thank you so much everyone!!!
I did a lot of reaearch before (dont recall about the ph killing, though) i started and i had a plan of action… then things changed… i lost my notes and freaked out lol
Original plan with the super soil was and now will be again is to not ph and actually use water from our spring fed pond. I did not know about leaving it out though. Which i will do now. But bcuz when i got the lil gals they were not in super soil and i was not about to go buy nutrients, i was adviced to ph the water down until they were transplanted.
Original game plan on feeding was to alternate molasses water with cal-mag only and then fish water. Thats it. That was before i messed it all up lol and learned about the tea.

I am very thankful for everyones advice! This place is pretty awesome!

I started my tea on friday evening and i will fill bucket of water now n let sit. I think both should b ready by tomorrow night and will feed everyone.

Thanks again everyone


Hey @Mrcrabs You are right about synthetic nutes and chemicals not being good for the bio life in organic living soils. I believe @Jay0307 is making a super soil as opposed to an organic living soil. An organic living soil needs a lot of time for the bacteria etc to colonise the soil and build up to levels that are beneficial to the plant. You also need living earthworms and some mycorhizae fungal spores to kick start everything. I dont think using ph up/down is going to have a huge effect on super soil as there is not much alive in the supersoil as it stands. In saying that,this is only my experience and not a hard and fast rule.It sounds like you are making an organic living supersoil and getting great results. Hats off to you sir. I think the soil @Jay0307 has made will work well with just plain ph water and the occasional compost tea to introduce some bio life. BTW your compost bins are awesome.

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Thank you @mountainman1 I am using a composting method utilizing black soilder flies, not your avg. method , but it seems to be working great. I just considered mine a super soil since I do add lots of the ingredients that make a super soil, I don’t just use compost alone. So awsome, I love learning different things, so all along I’ve being doing organic living soil with a twist, introduce black soilder flies larvae as a substitute for red wiggjers. For every 100 lbs of waste I get 5lbs of BSFL castings and about 25 lbs if larvae for chicken and fish food. They are awsome composting machines, thank you for the info, I really never did research and both our grow sound so similar yet so different, @Jay0307 good luck I’ll be watching.


You certainly seem to have plenty of raw material to compost. Just out of interest have you ever taken a ph reading of the compost?

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@mountainman1 Yes these larvae are big eaters,Last time I did a test it came out to neutral at 7. I use lots of bio char, in my mix as a ph buffer also give microbes were to live. So it evens out my ph.


Thank you @mountainman1 & @Mrcrabs for soil name and clarification. Honestly I thought they were one and the same.