New to grow tents, need ventilation info

4 by 4 by 6.6 foot grow tent, 600 watt HID, setting up this weekend, what’s the best way to vent my grow tent?

Can I get one of those inexpensive inline fans at a Home Depot type store?

What else do I need to know?

Edit: the tent is in a sealed temperature controlled room, I’m not using a filter


When you get tent set up and see light as well as where the ventilation holes are in tent you will see the holes are across from each other so you push cool air through the light shade and out and use second fan to bring fresh air into tent

Thanks Donald, are these the same in-line fans that I might see at a Home Depot right?

I haven’t used them but I pretty familiar with this type thing, I just want to make sure I get it right

The guy at the grow store said to blow into a light, don’t suck out? That makes sense to me but I’m wondering if that’s a hard and fast?


those fans will work fine for your lights and pulling are into tent if you aren’t using a filter cfm won’t need to be as high

Thanks again Donald appreciate the info!

I’m thinking adding a speed controller might be a good idea too, are they frequently used or is it just left on high in most cases?

Edit: in a couple months I am going to need two 4×4 tents, one grow & one flower, if I put them side by side can I vent them together?

What would be the best way to vent these?


I use simple dimmer switch and since I run exhaust as well as intake I use them for temp/humidity control I speed up exhaust when humidity is to high speed up intake speed when heat is too high it’s very nice to have some control

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I use my exhaust to pull air through tent and a fan attached to light hood to push air through light into my flower room this pulls fresh air into tent vents light heat into my 7x11 flower room where it stays cooler this keeps temps warm during lights out. My exhaust vents flower room both fans have speed controllers so I can keep neg pressure manage temps etc.

Quick question…
How big of a grow space should I have if I’m wanting to grow 3-4plants.
Veg stage is going to last 3+weeks
I’m going to be doing techniques. For example, Topping, Mainline,Fim
Strains are blue dream and blue mystic.
I’m looking into tents, but still needing advice .
All answers will be greatly appreciated!

This really depends on the space you plan to put tent in and lights you plan to use I like tall tents easier to control temps

I’m thinking 600w hps or Mh?
Is that too much or too little for 3-4plants in a tent

it’s about right for a 4x4 tent but as I said the taller the better

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This is what I needed to know, thank you.

So I guess it’s okay to attach a fan to directly to the veg light to push the hot air from veg into flower area to keep it warm in the dark period (At least for the winter months)

So would I vent the veggie heat into the bottom of the flower area?

And so how would I vent the flower tent?

Thanks again Donald - very much appreciated

I push the heat into top of room my fans circulate it and exhaust filter is opposite side of room on the ceiling this pulls excess heat out I use speed controller to adjust temp I also have a 3 way connection with a baffle to redirect some of the warm filtered air back into room outside my tent. This keeps some of my warm air in room so veg tent doesn’t get too cold during lights off I only do this because in a concrete basement with temps below zero outside. Really it’s all a matter of improvising to make things work for you

I’m in a northern climate also so I’m going to use the heat as well, I can see that depending on season so I’m going to have to vent in different ways.

thank you for the input I’m probably have some questions down the line but right now I kind of get the idea, thanks again Donald