New to General Hydroponics Cocotek nutes


I have a question for coco growers. I just bought the general hydroponics Cocotek A&B nutrients, grow and bloom. I’ve used their 3 part series and Advanced Nutrients in the past with some great success . I have always mixed my nutes at half the recommended strength . My question is… How do I use the Cocotek nutes to their maximum potential ? I’m sure someone has experience with these nutrients.


Moving to a new fertilizer I would stick to what you have always done (mix at 1/2 strength), and see how they respond.
If everything responds well then maybe boost up to 2/3 strength after a couple of weeks. If she doesn’t respond well, which shouldn’t happen barring some other variable is out of whack, then drop down 1/4 strength.
It’s all the same methodology: start small, watch response, make adjustments from there.

But Ive never grown in coco or used cocotek so doing maximizing dosages right off the rip would probably be someone else’s expertise