New to dwc is this drooping on the plant naturial or? / could use some feedback


Hi first time growing dwc, i am growing white widdow. I am into the second week of vegetation, i noticed it today when the lights came back on and the far right plant is drooping a little on 2 leaves, is this normal?

Also how am i doing so far? The temp i keep it at 75 and the humidity around 60 to 70 and the Hight of the led lights are 20inch. In the begining of the second week i used a agressevive groth nutrience mix beacuse they look a little short for the second week of vegitaition. To me these plants look helthy but what do i know.
Thanks, nic


Looking good an all plants rest even if your lights are on, don’t worry about the sagging they look great


Awesome! thanks a bunch! For the feed back.


No problem any time


I concur, I think they look great!

Just keep an eye out and make sure your getting enough dissolved oxygen into the water if any problem persist



Thanks i appreciate the feedback !


I just ordered bigger air stones so that should help
Sincerly , nic


A larger airstone won’t help you achieve higher levels of dissolved oxygen. Pumping higher amounts of air however by possibly just upgrading your air pump to something that pumps more air like this or better.

Active Aqua Air Pump, 4 Outlets, 6W, 15 L/min

Honestly though I wouldn’t worry about anything until your plants tell you that there is a problem, and your pictures look like your plants are very happy.


Oooooh make sense, word! Seems like a better air pump than what i have, will get it immediately thanks!