New to coco and I have an issue but what is it?

600 w mh ph in 5.8 ph out 6.4. Canopy 80 degrees. Just started aptus nutes the ambassador pack as directed. Just cut them down to about 3/4 strength.
Leaves drooping. What’s going on please help.

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How often are you watering? Starting at 3/4 might be too high. Are you checking your ppm run off? I start with 1/4 and work my way up. Also I would of kept those in solo cups or something smaller before putting them in those size pots. Your medium looks pretty dry. You should check out it’s a great site for coco beginners.


Not using calmag are you. I use full strength calmag Quarter strength to bring my coco to life, then don’t feed for about 10 days

Did you buffered your Coco with CalMag ? If not you will have to increase CalMag in your nuts every watering.

as @Slowgrowin said, they look thirsty to me . I would water those bags completely and then allow to dry. Those roots are probably spreading looking for water. And like @Slowgrowin also mentioned, you want to know your PPM’s. I am in my second Coco grow and very pleased with it.

No cal mag

5.8 in and 6.4 out ppm at 200

Oh and ppm out at 350 that seems off yea?”

No I was gonna and the guy at hydro store said don’t have to

So is the runoff PPM number 200 or 350? either way it seems low, time to feed. Not familiar with your nutes, but as @vchavez and @HornHead said, Coco has no nutrients and Cal Mag is usually recommended unless you are using something like Jack’s 3-2-1 that has it as part of the formula. I used Cal Mag last grow in Coco with the FF trio of nutes.

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Going in at 200 and the run off is 350

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So is it screwed beyond all repair since I did t cal mag first? Should I flush?

I’ve only skipped a water/feed day once.

Question. The nutebox says use with npk base. Any suggestions?

Jacks 321 the kit or part a?

Jack’s is the nutrient company. Look them up and the 3-2-1 recipe. They also call it part A, B and C. Part C is Epson salt you can buy locally

Here is a link to the company’s nutrients. You can buy them at Amazon and other places… They make a smaller bags as well. The part C is Epson salt you can buy at the grocery store

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and part b

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Thank you lots. I figured out part of the problem. The nutes I had still required an npk base. Grabbed some of what I had(mostly nitrogen) mixed half strength. They look better. Not drooping like they were. I did order jacks like you suggested.

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Definitely should have a base nute. I personally use cropsalt and don’t need calmag. Seems as if good nute lines don’t require it.