New to coco. All in put wanted

Using fox farm npk base. Aptus micronutes. I believe the girls are looking good 78-80 canopy temp.50% RH. Running just one 600w mh for now. Been giving nutes to them for just over a week now I guess. Ppm in 920 ph in 5.8. Run off ph 6.4 run off ppm684.

I guess this is close to end of second week giving nutes

All input


Looks pretty good man! That is some coarse perlite! Did you buffer your coco or was it prebuffered? 3gal. bags+ lots of perlite= what is known as frequent fertigation. I water twice a day :smiley:


Mother Earth perlite. I didn’t buffer. Pre buffered. Im looking into hanging the npk base. I’d appreciate it if you follow my grow. I’ll post as much as possible.
How much perlite you run? I’ve been feeding 3-4 times a day. Is that bad?
Thanks and happy grows.

I ordered some autos from ilgm yesterday as well. Have any experience with their seeds?


I mix 75/25 coco/perlite. I have used ILGM seeds numerous times, fast shipping, good genetics, never grown autos, so can’t help there!

No, that is good as long as you water to runoff, and have the right ppms and ph!


I did about 50/50 perlite/ coco

70/30 coco/perlite is the typical ratio. Don’t sweat it. Add more coco next run.

Have you already searched “Frequent Fertigation” yet? If not, it would be a good idea! Watering 4 times a day, kind of makes me think you have :thinking:

I’m actually reading it now. I did it all blindly though. I just knew I wanted to push the plants as much as possible to see what they will take. This is my first hydroponic grow and I’m enjoying it so far.

Reading more on frequent fertigation. I switched my base nutes to cocos a and b. Here are some pics.

You can use a dowel or stick or wire to stick in soil to straighten them up, just take it easy on the roots!

That plant in the back of the top pic looks to have some discoloration. In coco gotta add cal mag every time feed or water.