New to clones please help

I took cuttings from my first Black Widow and then tragedy struck I split the main stem and flipped over the lights before the parent plant had time too heal completely which ended up with my feminized seed giving me a male plant. I’m wondering if there’s any chance of getting female clones or should I stop wasting time and resources. Thanks for your help

@crazydaddy wait for someone with more experience but I’m fairly sure a male will give male clones even if it used to be a female. I know someone said hermies did so I’m guessing males will as well.


Female plants don’t turn into male plants. Females can go hermi and start growing both female and male flowers, pollinating herself and other females in the area.


@Hellraiser is correct. If the plant was from a properly feminized seed, it’s genetically XX and female in every way.

Would be helpful to see pictures of both mom and clone under plain white light.

Also, I’m not sure what the issue is, @crazydaddy
You stressed the mother plant, but you already took clones, right? You can just discard the damaged mother plant and work the unstressed clones.

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Sorry if I’m sounding like a jackass I know that females won’t turn male but I just started buying seeds this year so I don’t have any experience with feminized seed I flipped the lights and got male flowers…so male plant and male clones from the feminized black widow seed is that what I’m understanding? I didn’t think I would end up with a male on my first fem seed I guess I’m just lucky that way. Thanks

Do you have pictures?

If it’s a male plant clones will also be male.

that’s what I was afraid of

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How about of whole plant?

Easy to grow ILGM feminized black widow 99% chance of female and I pull a male. Oh well 2 more popped time to try again

Nope I chopped it yesterday got a bunch of clones two weeks earlier fixed the split with duct tape and crossed my fingers plant was recovering nicely but then I saw the clusters of green balls and gave up on the main plant

I guess I was wondering if I could have had a female that went hermie as soon as I switched over the lights because of the stress she was under and looked male

Plant will start showing pistils or sacks after flipping light schedule. Pistils are female, sacks are male. If it has both is a hermaphrodite, which can be caused by stress.

Do they always show both genders right off the bat? I didn’t see anything male during the veg cycle preflowering grew a bit when I was younger so not totally new but I took a 20 year break a lot of new tech and info not to mention the ability to consult with far more experienced people instantly and availability of quality genetics just learning as much as I can as I go new to fems and autos so I know I’ll have some dummy questions but we all gotta learn if we wanna get better

Depends on age of plant most of the time. If I have plants in veg 8+ weeks you usually see some preflowers during veg, but not always. After 12/12 older plant is usually the faster you can see.

It had been almost 11 weeks since the seed opened I had been looking for changes I usually would have flipped earlier but I got ahead of myself starting seeds without doing the prep I needed so I had 6 weeks in a row that a had started seeds and all the plants had to share 1 tent by the time I flipped the lights the black widow was working on 5 feet tall which probably should have caught my attention have a gold leaf started same day almost a foot shorter but looked healthier overall

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