New to Cannabis but not Gardening

Hello everyone!

I have lots of experience growing vegetables, cacti, mushrooms etc. but have never grown cannabis before.

Do you think I should stick with auto flowering strains or can I venture into photoperiod dependant strains?

I’m drooling over Super Silver Haze seeds but I don’t want to screw myself on the first grow.

Any and all experienced opinions are appreciated. Thanks!


Go with photos. Don’t use Miracle-Gro potting soil.


Try photos first my friend. In my opinion they’re easier than autos. Photos give you time to fix mistakes and autos don’t. Learn the basics is the best route Growmie


I agree with those above, grow photos. I am only on my 4th grow and having the ability for me to decide when flower will start is helpful. If you are growing indoors- spend the money on high quality led grow lights first, and plan things by the square footage you will use. 35-50 Watts of actual draw on the fixture(s) per square foot. In my area I would only grow autos if I was doing it outdoors. Lots of folks here can comment on lighting choices if you want good advice.


Photos for me too


Welcome to the neighborhood
I vote photos as well. I have never grown autos but I do have some auto seeds. I understand they can be picky to grow. :blush::v:


Welcome to the Grow Fam, start with photo periods and the basics…less is more and keep it simple.
-pick a cannabis friendly medium like Fox Farm, HP or Coast of Main. Coco can be a challenge for new growers.
-PH and TDS pen. Check out Apera or Blue Lab.
-quality light fixture, HLG, ACI, Spider farmer. Check the diode specs for HLm 301 H or B series. The PH, TDS and light fixtures are critical for a successful grow.
-Quality tent like ACI
-exhaust fan
-oscillating fans
. Just a few of the necessary essentials Grow Bro :love_you_gesture: