New to bergman seeds

iam new here an i got 25 seeds planted 9 8 came up an now i have them in the budding stage 3rd week an all i can say is wow they are by far the best plants i have grown i will def be buying more ive grown fo r six years i would like to knw what do i do when the fan leaves are so big they restrict the light do i pluck em or leave them ???:slight_smile:

Some take them off others tend to tuck them behind to expose more light to the lower branches, it’s a matter of personal preference


If they are still healthy leaves and it is bugging you that they’re there… just tuck them under don’t pluck them off , just kind of tuck them out of the way for more Bud Light… in a day or so they will pop back up and let them stay for a day and then just tuck them back down again… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


cool thanks guys iam always up for learning new ways to deal with issues


If you need anythin else just holler

i sure will thank you!!

Not a problem brother


Ya gota love this place. Always someone here to help no mater what.
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