New to autos need a little help

My baby girl started out good just switched to full strength nutes was doing seedling she was perky at first and she started sagging over night any ideas what could be wrong i was thinking i over watered rh is 65% temps in tent no higher then 80. Pictures are now to first using gh 3 part in coco water ph right around 6


Welcome back 7 months is a long vacation from the forums.

Your plant looks good still, be sure to water by feel while she’s so young and that means putting your finger into the second knuckle to feel for mosture.
Once she’s bigger you can water by pot weight.

Try to lower your PH a bit to 5.8

She’s a little low in the pot so when she does stretch above it a suggestion would be to fill the pot with more coco, burry the stem and that will allow roots to grow out of that stem. More medium, more roots, bigger nutrients system, bigger buds.


Ok so it was probably a over water issue? I will definitely do that thank-you for your quick response this is my second time growing the first was in hydro dwc and that ended badly,this is my first grow in coco and the furthest I’ve managed to get so im hoping for the best.

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Yea full hydro isn’t forgiving lol

You will enjoy coco.

It’s hard to say, if you think it was an over watering then I’m gonna think your right, hard to tell from this end of the world at that stage and I can’t feel the pot.
Over watering in coco early on is common though

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Gotcha I’ll keep this post updated ill grab some better pictures when i get off

Your pictures are great friend, no sweat.

Tag me if you need a hand @ Nicky

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Will do thank you again

@Nicky any suggestions i havent watered it coco is still moist to the second knuckle,could it be dampening off at the roots, lost for ideas at this point

Too small for full nutrients you would have to use alot less nutrients at this point if any at all and if u were to give nutrients i would go 3mil per litre of water

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It looks over watered to me.


Yes I agree with indica Jones :point_up:
I would just water about 200 ml and water in a circle a few inches away from the stem un till she gets bigger.
You will see her start stretching and than can adjust more water.

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Thanks for the replies do i give it a few days to recover before watering


Let it dry out, just keep checking it.
When you do water it don’t over water it.
Just give it like a two cups or so nothing crazy


Well shes not as droppy but definitely doesn’t look the best im guessing the yellow discoloration is nute burn,do i leave it or pluck it off I’ve only watered a it safe to go back to half strength nutes or wait a tad bit more.

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@Nicky Nicky

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When diagnosing problems via pictures please turn grow lights off and the flash on, it gives a true color of leafs. Looking at plants under warm colored grow lights make it very very hard to diagnose and often mistakes happen this way.
Just so you are aware gojng forward.

The lower leafs will die off its natural, your plant is very healthy. Avoid spilling water on the leafs.
Your lighting is strong and that’s keeping your plant short. I like my plants like this however you could back it off just a little bit, not much just a bit.

Gotcha will do i raised the light up some lastnight cause it looked a little low i appreciate your help

Follow the DLI guide

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@Nicky is this a sort of fungus or am i looking a deficiency problem

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Keep an eye on it looks like a calcium deficiency but it shoidkt bbe happening that early… Your not watering with distilled are you?

If your in soil don’t water to run off until you feed nutrients.

Worst case add cal mag

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