New to autoflower questions!

Hey everyone and thanks in advance for your help, first post for me and so far everything has went well. Not exactly sure who to tag for autoflower questions, so some help there too would be awesome!

Reason I’m here is I started my first grows with autoflowers and will be for a bit, atleast until the seeds are used up! Anyways, I’ve done enough reading to be deadly kinda deal and have had 1 previous grow with random seeds I had since I ran into germination issues with first batch of autoflower seeds I got. That went rather well but here I am to Autos.

Guess I’m curious as far as nutes and how much more I could give or does it look on tract, less. etc etc. I give the recommended average consensus nute amounts so far but on a light side of the spectrum in my opinion. ( I nute burned one of my random photos experimenting and fear that. It did turn out okay still however ) I can give I think most info needed if not given so here it is.

LED Lights. Run about 600 PAR currently.
Granddaddy Purp Auto from ILGM
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Mixed 50/50 with Happy Frog Conditioner. ( Smaller guy is straight OF )
Fox Farm Bloom and Veg Nutes.
Plenty of Ventilation ( I do HVAC )
Temps are Normal ranges.

Ummm like I said, new still so I’m sure I left out plenty of info you guys may need/want but I can get it for the most part.

Gladly open to any suggestions, help, anything! Got 50 of these bad girls to raise and would love to become better and better with the time.

Thanks in advance everyone!


Just do half the recommended doses of fox farms chart is usually the rule of thumb especially for autos thatll end up being decently smaller then a photo( unless you grow them perfectly or they just decide to veg 2 more weeks then their sisters lol)


Those look awesome good start! And listen to @GreenSnek’s advice , won’t steer you wrong


Some LST might be needed soon, the amount @GreenSnek states is good advice. I’ve grown and growing autos and was. FF trio guy until I made the switch to Jacks 321. Here is a auto nute schedule I found several months ago. I have heard the FFOF is hot for early (seedling to 14 days or so) but nutes would last to through veg?? I increase a little more than this schedule with Jacks.


Plants look awesome ! A grow Autos in Ocean Forest and usually start feeding close to flowering stage About six weeks in . Keep up the good work.


@GreenSnek @OGIncognito Sounds like just about what i have been doing already so I appreciate that for sure. I have had a hard time figuring this one out… but what exactly is a normal feeding amount in gallons? I more or less just want to make sure I have been giving them enough feeding from the can.

Between the 4, I Top 2 gallons off with the nutes and blackstrap and have been feeding 1/2 gallon each per week followed by a little freshwater till slight runoff per plant. Does that sound about right? Or make sense even haha. 5 Gallon fabric pots as well if that means anything.

My lights also have custom spectrum option ( seedling, veg, bloom ) at which point should i start favoring red?

That’s a wee bit on the low side with how big they’re getting pick up your pots if it takes little to no effort then they need water bad at your size 1/2 gallon every 4-5 days is close to what is optimal( with more needed as they get bigger) but with hydro nutes you’re also supposed to water until 10-20% run off to clear out the salts , start favoring red once you start seeing clustering of pistils

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I may have had some confusion there as well, I water fresh water rather often. I guess I meant feeding as far as the nute days which I do every Wednesday. In other words they stay plenty hydrated but I just want to make sure 1/2 gallon each nute feeding is a proper amount.

Are those 3 gallon pots and how old are the ladies? You’ll increase the amount of water and nutrients by the schedule and plant size, they’ll consume significantly more than you’re giving them now as your grow advances. General rule of thumb is 10-20% run off. For the FFOF you’re more than likely good with PH water until week 5ish then you can start the nutrient schedule. Happy frog more like week 3.4-4. Mix your nutes at 1/2 the value and top feed to run off, I personally stick my finger in up to my second knuckle to check dampness before I feed or water (old school) testing your run off will let you know your PPMs, EC and PH and how you should proceed with feeding. I usually take this sample on a PH water day so I can know where my nutrients are in the medium. Hope this helps and @GreenSnek has you covered as well :love_you_gesture:

5 Gallon Fabric Pots

Today they just finished the 4th week. Planted the 31st popped the 2nd. Added low dosage veg nutes for the past 3 weeks every Wednesday. Tomorrow starts week 5.

I need to order something to measure my EC still, just hadn’t yet. I more or less am trying to account for and measure as often as possible while still trying to apply the “knowledge” I have into real world application more or less. I know beginners expect a lot for their first few times and I’m no different than the rest. Well invested into the art so just want to make sure I’m learning on the right track.

Any ending thoughts you guys may be able to add to maybe pay more attention to certain factors than others? I know it all needs attention but more or less any tips to help me along my trial and error journeys?

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

There looking good. I’m growing 2 ILGM GDP fem right now 1 is 2 weeks old the other is a week old Saturday. This is the first time growing Fem’s I usually grow autos good luck with your grow.

So here’s the recent with this journey. I went through and did some LST and it went well. Three were LST and one not just because it’s my first time and I wanted to see the difference. Everything was going well and then out of no where I started getting this going on.

I’m kinda lost as far as which step to take here and any help would be much appreciated!

From previous post it seems they are around 40 days old?? Are you supplementing CaMag? What water are you using. Low PPMs on tap will need supplementing. Here is a leaf symptom chart I use :love_you_gesture:

Last I checked I was getting about 7.5 PH Water that I use to water/feed. I have not added any CaMag and been thinking I need to get me some, even if its just to have. Should I be adding that regularly?

Good morning Bro, FFOF will typically take you to flower week 5-6. I would start CalMag with your regular nutrient schedule and PH down to 6.3-6.5 :love_you_gesture:

Keep an eye on you nitrogen level as well, that could be the start of toxicity :love_you_gesture: