New to all this



I’m wondering should I remove fan leaves during flower?


There’s different thoughts to this.

Naturally, the more leaves you keep, the more light can be “caught” but the thicker the canopy the less air movement and more covering of other bud sites that could benefit from light exposure.


Yep that’s my confusion


Think I’ll just leave them on and see what happens :thinking:


Do you have any photos? Light defoliation to expose hidden budsites and help with airflow is encouraged. Giving the girl a buzzcut because she is bushy… not so much


Yes PnG they are photos and I was thinking just that. Take off the ones covering the lower bud sites. :+1:t4:


Im sorry. I meant do you have any photographs? :joy::joy::joy: but thanks for the difference.


Less is more here in flowering i will trim my fans leaves here and there for airflow and light to get to the lower buds in my canopy