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When I see the phrase 8-10 weeks flower does that mean from seed to harvest or is that when the flowering start? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME!


That is how long the plant will flower for (not counting the veg time at the start of your grow, how ever long that is)…


I usually let my plants flower for 10 to 14 weeks and sometimes up to 16 weeks… depends on the strain… and those numbers are from when I flip light schedule to 12/12 … on photo plants… so those times have nothing to do with how long I’ve had the plant in veg… some grow faster then others… but usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks for rooting the clones and another 4 to 8 weeks for vegging them and then into flower they go… I run hydro rdwc , so my plants grow way to fast to keep up sometimes… :wink:



When they are talking about autos it is avarge of 10 weeks from seed to harvest if you are talking about photos then the seeding to veg varies on strain but good start is seedling is until 2 sets of true leaves. meaning 3 to 5 fingers that’s a true leaf. then depending on how large you want them and if you grow hydro or soil. hydro anything more then 2 weeks veg = large plants soil is more like 4 weeks to muture for flower then that is when the 8-10 weeks start. It can get very confusing for new growers to get that concept and end up with small yields and give up. I hope this example of how the whole grow cycles are. again it depend on a few factors that you have to decide on.


Ok next question, what am I looking for before I flip to 12/12? What characteristics to look for?

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Anytime after a 4 week veg period u can flip but the best time is when the plant is half the size u want it to b


Thanks Just Growing that is good to the point info. Puts a lot of things in my head into perspective.

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Right on @stankeybud1
Happy growing and hope you take the plunge and start your grow
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You are looking for your plant to take up about half the space your light can reasonably flower.

Thanks I’m getting answers for questions I’ve been asking my self! :+1:t4:

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Thanks @BigDaddyCain this helps a lot on when I want to flip. :ok_hand:t4:

Cool thanks.

:+1:t4: Good info.

No prob that’s what we are all here for

These are good questions and useful to many of us lurking and reading these forums. Thanks for posting it. It’s helped me to think about my grow as well.