New time indoor grower, need help with setup

Hi all I’m just in the process of doing my indoor set up I have chosen a grow tent 120x120x200, I will be growing 2, autos at a time hopefully. Any suggestions on lighting, I’ve been told a full spectrum led. Not sure on watts or anything.
Any particular sized fans ducting etc you guys suggest. A kit or something including everything would be ideal so I don’t forget anything.
Thanks a lot all.

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Don’t get a kit! We will help you pick out what you need. I’ve never seen a kit that was fairly priced or adequate. Every kit I see posted the response is…sorry, but you need more light.

So google tell me that’s a 4x4x6.5ft? Roughly.
Watts are not a great way to judge lights (google ppfd and learn about that) but if you get a quality full spectrum led with good diodes you will want to be in the 400-600 watt range. Check out lights that utilize samsung 301b/h diodes. HLG is the gold standard around here for customer service, fast shipping, quality leds. They are not the only game in town though. Kingbrite on alibaba is priced very fairly. There are also a million knockoffs but you may not get the parts you think you are or the help you want if things go south. I spent half what HLG charges on a knockoff QB (quantum board) light. It’s freaking awesome. I also own a small HLG, that’s awesome too. Have a look around and ask more questions, or ask more questions then have a look around. But I wouldn’t get a kit. As for fans I kinda wing it in that regard but someone will chime in with proper air exchange rates and suggestions. I love my big tower fan for in-tent air movement. Have a 195 cfm exhaust which is probably a bit underpowered for a 4x4


I have the same size tent and for the light I’m using a air cooled hood (hps) with a 600w dimmable ballast. I use two bulbs 400w blue for veg and 600w red bulb for flower. For the filter I have a 6inch outake and a 4 inch intake. I’m going to get a ac cloudline t6 for next grow (as the outake) I’m currently using a rvk fan but it’s abit loud and I just have a cheap fan for intake. Done the job for me, I havnt smelt out as of yet.


Other thought…that’s a lot of tent for 2 autos. You could probably make your plans work in a 4x2 and spend half the money on lights. But if you see more plants in your future I always suggest get the biggest tent you can squeeze in and afford to light.

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I just didn’t want a tent that would crowd my plants. I heard that it stunts the flowering. I could be wrong, I have about 1.5sqm to work with so I’m open to any suggestions towards a better tent for 2 plants or how many plants you think would fit snug in this 1.2x1.2x2

What other components am I looking at after fans/tent/light.
Thanks for the help

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My suggestion for two plants would be 120x60x200plus. I don’t do cm, so just to be clear, I’m saying 4ft.x2ft.x as tall as you can fit. Taller the better.

If you stick with 4x4 I think 4 plants is very doable. I have at least 8-10 in my 4x4 at all times flowering.

Next up is concerns with humidity and temperature. What you need or don’t need to buy here is dependent on your environment. I am not running ac/heat or humidifier/dehumidifier. Don’t need to.

If you don’t mind me asking how tall is your 4x4 and also how tall do your plants grow with what seeds are you using?

It does get quite humid here, ac dehumidifier is always on in the house
Thanks again Eagles

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It’s no problem, and these are just my thoughts, I would take in multiple perspectives, and see what you like the sound of.

My 4x4 is 6.5 ft tall. I have grown all sorts of seeds. Indica, sativa, hybrid, myriad breeders. The plants grow as tall as you let them.

First plant is an experiment I’ve been playing with, no training really, let it do what it wanted. It wants to be tall and lanky

Second plant I let it do what it wanted, somewhat, and trained pretty heavy to offset it’s desires

Third plant was heavily trained to do what I wanted. Short and stocky.

So it’s really completely up to you how they are shaped at the end.

For me if you have a light, tent, and fan all your missing is seeds, dirt, and water. The rest can be figured out on the fly.

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Very nice eagles I will keep you posted once I get mine all set up in the future if you’d like. Loving the 3rd nice small and bushy. How much are you producing out of all three it would vary? What’s your timing like from seeding?

What light are you using for your 4X4? Full spectrum?

Not to bad on humidity here also, average about 25 degrees (77F)

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It varies. That little bush has big dense nugs for the size so I’ll probably get 3 ounces. A less dense/full plant of that size could give me 1 oz. The big bush will be good for like 4 ounces if I had to guess. The little stick plant will probably be culled for space at some point.

The big bush is 6.5 weeks from seed. The stick is 5-5.5 weeks from seed, and the bush I forget she’s been flowering a while.

I am using a 500watt quantum board style full spectrum LED with samsung 301bs

Are you dead set on autoflower? Have the seeds already? I would advise any new grower to run photos first, autos are not easier. I also happen to like the final product of photos more and the control over the grow.

And sure, I love watching weed grow. Tag me in like so @Eagles009

Same goes @Eagles009 keep me informed of yours! Coming along great!

I haven’t ordered them as of yet. Will be in the next few days I was just ponding of the autos seemed like a good beginner seed for a tent indoors. Would you suggest something else
Open to ideas
Cheers scathe

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If you make any mistakes early with autos your yield will suffer. I have grown autos that gave me like 7-10 grams lol. Total waste of time. Sure that was my fault, but if they had been photos (photoperiod) I could have just continued to “veg” for whatever period of time it took to correct said issues and then flowered a healthy plant for a decent yield.

I would suggest you run photoperiod plants. This means you have to force flower or they will veg indefinitely. You force flower with regular sustained dark periods. Usually 12 hours per day.

Feminized plants are nice because you don’t have to deal with males. I’ve grown many feminized photos I loved. I’m now getting into “regular” seeds. They grow faster and I’m liking them a lot so far, haven’t flowered any yet though, but you would have to sex males and remove them or deal with pollination.