New tent kit mars 6500 led light

Hi guys I am new to growing I just bought a tent kit from mars tent kits with a 6500 led light as I was opening the box and reading up on it I see it can dim I’m assuming I should have it up all the way I was just curious if I need to dim for certain times or not any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated

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Did you get the FC or FC-E? As for the dimmer question, I would use an app that can measure your DLI and use the appropriate DLI for the stage of the plant. Alot of the better quality lights with top shelf diodes do not need to be turned all the way up. Here is a DLI chart for Photo’s.

And here is one for Auto’s.


Which mars light is it FC6500, SP6500

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It’s the fc 6500

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I do have a few different types of auto flower seeds cheese, gelato and banana kush I figured I’d try autoflower before moving on to the feminized seeds


the FC has alot of power don’t turn it all the way up probaly fry your plants.

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With the autoflower plants what is the best lighting schedule 18/6 or all the time

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Alot of people run that schedule thru out the grow. 18/6