New strands just started Larrys Lemon OG and Super Silver Haze

Ive been away for a while now but i am back in the swing of things got some new girls going just sprouted today Sept 23rd going to post my journey and all updates feel free to tag along and provide feedback happy growing

Oh forgot to mention going to be using a 600w full spectrum led not sure of brand it is white light current plants seem to like it over the blurple i was using these new girls will be going into ff happy frog and will be also getting the ff trio as far as nutes probably going to put them in 3 gallon smart pots also want to try my hand at cloning so if anyone can point me in that direction or offer assistance id greatly appreciate it


I’ve just been cutting my clones off when the mothers get to needing some trimming and take the ones from the lowest part of the plant, cut off the budlets at the nodes below the top three, trim off the end third of the leaves, cut a sharp angle at the base of the cutting to expose as much of the inner stem as possible, put in a solo cup with tap water off to the side in my veg tent. It’s the longer method because roots can take up to 14 days to show, I change out the water every 4 days as well, because I don’t use any rooting compound but my situation may be different than yours and you could use that to help it root quicker.

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Thanks for the response I have took one cutting from a Tuna OG Kush that i have in veg right now no roots yet ive honestly lost track of how many days its been but i dont think it has been a full week i just have it sitting in some tap water plant is still alive but no new growth and no roots should i let this one go longer or leave it be? Also was looking into grabbing some clonex and root riot cubes or rock wool havent worked with either before first time every trying to clone

Here with a little update gonna post some pics of what i have going currently in the tent

so this is a over view of what i have going in the far left corner i have BC BUDS TUNA KUSH then to the right of that there’s White Widow which is an auto in my 2 red solo cups i have the new girls just started and popped yesterday 9/23 (have a crazy story about that) those are Larrys Lemon OG and Super Silver Haze and in the pot to the right of those we have 2 Glueberrys that are completely different from each other

this is Glueberry 1 has about a week left then she will get the axe kinda surprised at how skinny she grew didnt really take off many leaves from this plant from a seedling was growing very small should have documented this grow ughhh

this is Glueberry 2 again nothing like the other seed from same pack same breeder :man_shrugging:t5: Kids right lol but she is growing a little denser not as tall as the other also have about 2 weeks left until she is chopped started this and the White Widow a few days after the first Glueberry

This is the White Widow filling up really nice getting some good weight really loving the aroma she gives off very resinous as well cant wait until she is dried and cured finally we have the Tuna Kush and my new seedlings these strands are all photos gonna try my hand at that also may possibly switch to dry amendments opposed to ff trio please send me any suggestions leaning towards Gaia Green at the moment but shipping to the US is mad high Tuna Kush about 3 weeks into veg


Yeah I would let it go some more days, until you see that the shortest of leaves are turning yellow and you aren’t seeing roots.

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Thanks for the input really appreciate the feedback gonna give it some time

@beardless @Ncgreenthumber @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @jc1979 need some help before its too late tried my hand at cloning and took a peek at the clone today and im seeing what looks to me like small pollen sacks want to know if this is a male for sure before i get that plant out of my tent

Feel free to tag anyone who can help

If that plant is male i will just end up cloning my super silver and larry og

Heres a closer pic of the suspect in question

@repins12 meant to tag you before

Looks like balls to me in this last pic

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I agree gonna chop that boy down later this afternoon sad day in my tent but good news i get to start some more genetics thinking of dropping my KMintz from ripper seeds

Looks like man parts to me…

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I think looks like pollen sacks too

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I would have to concur with all of the above…Definitely looks like a male to me…Sorry :v:t2:

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Alright so its been a few days since my last update so the autos I have going are just about finished the pistils are all ambered up and the trichs are right where I would like them mostly milky maybe 10% amber havent taken any pics gonna give them 2 days of darkness starting tomorrow then on to dry will take some pics then and then I will begin to give all of my attention to the 5 new girls i have going all except one have popped I had a plant turn hermie on me so decided to start 3 more strands in its place I have Larry OG, Kmintz, Super Silver Haze, Bubba Kush (hasnt popped) and Great White Shark all are feminized seeds and looking to try my hand at cloning gonna be a first time for me but thats how my weeks is starting off

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Here with a update the 3 autos got the chop today have them currently drying gonna let them do their thing for about 6–7 days then gonna trim and drop in jars and on to the next grow

2 glueberry autos and one white widow they smell really good only to get better and this next round im looking to try lst and possibly scrog net to try and increase my yields i have 5 new strands going 2 were planted around 9/22 and the remaining 3 were planted 9/25 i dont soak for 24 hours or anything just straight into the soil with a tad bit of un ph’d tap water this method has worked for me 100% of the time ive used 3 diff seed banks multiple breeders so far never had a bean not pop knock on wood so gonna keep it going as of today all 5 have popped so now the clock has been reset and we are in a new round of the waiting game lol switched up things a little bit this time around all gonna be in 3 gallon pots and also trying a run with roots organic soil gonna stick to the same fox farms trio as far as nutes will possibly get a upgrade on my light mid grow depending on how things go or may just wait

Happy Croptober Everyone


Took these pics a few days ago the girls were planted 9/20 and 9/25 just gonna say they all are from 9/25 5 days shouldnt be too much of a difference for this grow for this round im trying all photos and there are Bubba Kush, Super Silver Haze, Great White Shark, Kmintz, and Larrys Lemon OG they are about 10 days old today and are all growing nice and green been letting the medium get almost completely dried before i water em just to ensure good root uptake when they get thirsty dont measure the amount of water in this stage will try and snap some updated pics from today later this evening

here are the updated pics from today check the difference