New Strains seem to be coming daily

Robert is amazing!! Afghan and Girl Scout Cookies are available!!! You guys see that???


Yeah I see that like a couple weeks after I place my order… Smh lol hopefully I get another order in soon I can’t wait to try the new ones

I see couple of new ones now have to decide looks like price went up 10.00 but worth it

Yeah man really!! They just shipped a 125$ order to me and this comes out. Dang!!!

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Girl scout cookies… Yum gotta have it!!!

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That’s deff on my next order… Oh man over 20 percent thc I’m in… Pain relief is right around the corner… Can’t wait for the white widow and strawberry kush I got to grow lol

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I got white widow cooking. 7 plants. Strawberry, amnesia haze and gold leaf on the way. Next order will have GSC for sure.

Headed to the seed shop , but hopefully he get that berry cough and Gorilla glue also , but that’s why I have not grown Girl Scout cookies yet cause I was hesitant to order from other seed shops , but now they here oh boy gotta put my order in and I need a refill on ILGM booster nutrients .


Yeah honestly this is the shop I went with after like a year of research…these guys made me feel safe ordering from here… And my seedlings of one white widow and two strawberry kush are finally coming up great!! Super stoked!!!

I’m so happy to finally have ligit genetics…not some dude of the street lying saying whatever popular name is in that week lol

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Looking good Bobby. What light are you growing with?

What’s gorilla glue and the cough?

I so trust these guys. And my shipment coming thru has the tracking which calms my nerves. I highly recommend that for the extra money. My advanced platinum led is due in tomorrow!! Yay

I’m using the Mars hydro 11 400 watt and some supplemental cfl lighting…and unfortunately I’m waiting for my state to make up a Cannabis medicinal board so I can’t get my card yet…so tracking is out of the question lol but those pictures of the strawberry kush looked amazing and the pheno that dosent need cold temps I’m praying for lol

Does mars hydro actually help in flower? They are very cheap bit I am interested in them. I am thinking to get a galaxy hydro to help with veg. Have you flowered with the Mars?

Not yet I plan to…switch out the white cfls for more powerful 2700k or 3000k for the supplemental light…I’m pretty sure I seen a couple of people on here flower with the same light and the result looked pretty good so my fingers are crossed…

@Careg have you seen Hillcrest scrog grow on here using the MarsHydro and two CFL 125 grow lights was his first grow with 3 plants yield about 11 ounces dry . Now he doing a scrog with two MarsHydro led lights with 3 plants and this grow will double his last grow . Than he ordered an Advance Led DS XML 350 which is a very strong LED light panel and I bet he’ll quadruple both grows with this light than the MarsHydro led light . But the MarsHydro lights does work in veg and flower and it’s a great buy for cost . Now that Advance Platinum Led light I hear good things about it also and can’t wait to see your success !

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Amazing to say the least!!! Wow!!! I need to try that on my next grow. Thanks yoshi!!!

@yoshi I will get a Mars hydro and a galaxy hydro. They are very inexpensive but seem to work good. What is the link to thst Scrog grow? Where do you get that fence for the scrog?

@Careg did you get the invite to "Monster Cropped Goldleaf Scrog Grow " by Hillcrest ?

Invite me again. I need to bookmark.