New strains I see?


awesome brother.


Looking good my friend. Not sure of cbds in c widow but thc is high. A lot of times if thc is high cbds are low


Loved Crystal did six plants and a little under two pounds and the gf liked it better than white widow…


Im about a month from harvest & they already are glistening. Cant wait!!


How they turn out


@Laurap, @Daddy, @Big123 , Lights are 12-12 now . I found my old Hat . Made of hemp , lol


Got till end of month but thrse girls are glistening


Only thing id suggest is upping your humidity. I keep at 50-60% early flower slowly going down to 40-50% by mid flower & hopefully dropping down to 40% by last few weeks before harvest.


@Laurap Haaa It gets low sometimes when someone forgets to put water in the Humidifier . Right now I have 59% at 74 * with the tent door open . Its very cold and dry here so its a battle . I will try to follow your suggestions , I like the idea of a gradual drop . Thank you


I was looking @ your hygrometer reading. Love the hat BTW


I couldn’t resist, had to buy some seeds, Gorilla Glue #4, and some more Gold Leaf while at it. The Gold Leaf amazing stuff!

Spring garden lineup change… ;=))


@Big123 I am eyeing the GG#4 also. It’s in my wishlist. Super excited to grow it.


@dbrn32 after you suggested Fire OG I took a closer look, it has the same effects as OG Kush, And it’s basically OG Kush, but crossed with two parents that’s are very strong. So a hybrid vigour. I grew OG Kush my first grow, and I really have to say I enjoyed it and it did help with migraines.
I’ll be adding this to my indica/hybrid grow… yep, shopping 3 grows ahead. Just wanted to say thanks for suggesting it.
Black widow is similar to WW, but it’s more indica dominant. It could be interesting. (Just read Whitewidownoobie ‘s post)


Sweet! You know the only bad part is having to wait 3 grows lol.


My next purchase might be Crystal with high THC and CBD and some Banana Kush for me . But I will probably change my mine again next week .


GG4 and GL beans arrived today!


Awesome! Great feeling when they show up. Congratulations and enjoy your future growing. That Gorilla Glue 4 is next on my list it looks outstanding. I’ve had some from a local dispensary and it was terrific. I am sure you’re going to love ILGM’s.
Take care


It was the newest strain


@Neckred , @Laurap , @Covertgrower Mix Packs … How can you resist ? I just ordered Auto 2.0 , Bubble Gum , Jack Herer , OG Kush and Auto Flower mix pack Amnesia Haze , Blueberry , Northern Lights . PLUS 5 Gold Leaf . It’s a good thing I will have help from my son-in-law with his new 4x4 set up . It’s going to get interesting !


I loved the OG Kush, and I have JH just can’t drop it. @Seeddog