New strains I see?


I’ll do the same for my Jack Herer, waiting for clones to grow up a bit. @70sChick I know it’s not a new strain but, who doesn’t love sharing?


I’m very interested in the Jack Herer. Is yours the reg or the fem seeds? @Covertgrower


They are feminized, and from ILGM. I went for the buy 10 get 10. I’m interested in how they turn out in flowering. Every strain and every plant has its own personality sort of. @70sChick


Im getting the banana , LAconfidential, and chronic widow. Will have to investigate further if first two will grow well together. Chronic will be only strain growing alone. Need all the room i can with them. Now feb will be next grow. Who will i start with?


Thanks, yes 4 crystal monsters. Feel like im in little shop of horrors with a female seymour constantly telling me to feed them!


Exactly @Covertgrower
I did the same thing .it’s hard to pass up a good deal. :sunglasses::v::seedling:


Wanted to order skywalker but being only on second grow, wanted to get more under belt. My crystal is exploding!


@Daddy,@Laurap I’ll try and get some pictures up soon . My first time doing a scrog and LTS .


@Laurap…i ordered Skywalker and banana…too bad I got 3 week old sprouts now…
…it will be a while…i just couldn’t resist…lol


I know, i wont start another harvest till feb but tiz the season


@Laurap,@Daddy Two Chronic Widows and a plant I call Weirdo that was monster cropped . New LED light is coming soon .


very nice brother.


Georgeous girls!


Looking well!

Chronic Widow makes very dense buds, you will be really happy with it…


The Fire :fire: OG and Skywalker OG seeds arrived today!


@Laurap,@Daddy Chronic Widows are doing ok . I lowered the screen to direct branches to spread them out . Trimmed out lower branches and leaves . They are growing slow because of low wattage lights . Complete tent kit with 450 w LED should be here in a few days . Amnesia Haze Auto will be next along with another . I’m looking for strains with high CBD . My daughter has Epilepsy . Any suggestions ?


Look into the cheese strain. They have high cbds. Also in seed store go to the filter & you can pick level of thc, cbd, ect. Hope it helps


Thanks , I’m a newbie


gold leaf is high cbd also but high thc too. Might make a good butter, I will be trying it for my son.


I ordered 10 Amnesia Haze Autos yesterday and have a second 2x4 tent up but not running yet . The two Chronic Widows and the weirdo plant have filled the scrog to about 60 percent full . The new light is helping the plants already . @Daddy@Laurap@Big123