New strains I see?


Looks like there are some delicious new strains on the menu here!


Yes, I’m looking forward to purchasing some of the new ones for the simple fact that I haven’t tried them yet either! @Neckred


@Covertgrower…just what I was thinking…Im good on seeds till next summer, but I will be getting some of these…banana kush looks pretty nice!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know I saw that one, and the thought of banana was kind of odd thing. At least for me. I was excited for the lemon Kush. @Neckred


@Covertgrower…it wasn’t really the banana part that caught my eye rather the 27% thc…i am glad to see new fruity flavors added…maybe they will be inclined to re-package the fruity mix packs they sell…give us new bulk options…if not…oh well…they look good all by themselves…lololol


Had next grow thought out. Now all these new yummy strains! What to try first?


I went with skywalker og hehe


Torn between skywalker & banana. Guess ill have to get both!


I’ll eventually get all of them I think I still need to try four of the original strange to have completed that task yeah I want them all to I haven’t found anything I haven’t liked :wink:


My list has grown , still want to do chronic widow and got 7 more on my to grow list.


@Laurap I have 2 chronic widows started . I’ll let you know how they turn out . I would like to try one of these new fruity strains next



Yes, please keep me in the loop! Wanting to try next. Ive got crystal in tent now. Theyre 6 weeks old & huge!


I purchased 5 pack of Fire OG and Skywalker OG, changing line up for the spring…


@Laurap…all that is Crystal? Looks great. @Big123…like many,I’m a Star Wars fan, so tell us how the Skywalker turns out… :space_invader:


@Seeddog if you have a journal on your CW tag me in please. Its going to be in my next grow and I want to see how this one goes.


Chronic Widow a joy to grow, dense, crystally buds…


@Hogmaster @Covertgrower @Laurap
We ordered Super Lemon Haze, LA Confidential and Banana Kush. I wanted sum of all too. :heart::sunglasses::v: This is an addiction! Baahaaa


@70sChick congratulations on the bean choice! Are there any loser picks though? Lol I think I should just make an order. I just need more beans! Anyways tag me when you decide to start them! This will be great!


Nice let me know how you like I will do the same on the skywalker og :wink:


@Hogmaster @Covertgrower we’ll definitely tag ya’ll when we drop new seeds. It will be spring I’m sure… :heart::sunglasses::v: