New Strains coming, anyone grow these?!

Ok guys, so I placed a new seed order a few days ago and I’m super excited to get them in and start growing some of them! Most of these strains are photo strains, but a few are auto. In the picture you’ll see a list of the seeds I purchased, as well as a list to show the seeds I was given for free from the company I order from. The prices are calculated so you can see exactly how good of a deal I got! $104 for 24 seeds, including guaranteed shipping with tracking number.

Anyway, if anyone has any experience with these strains, I would love some input and any knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

In this picture you’ll see the strains in order by company. Also, I wrote out what each strains lineage is, so you can see what strains were crossed in order to create these seeds. Some strains I couldn’t find out, but here is the best I could do.


Thanks for your contribution to the forum. But, we don’t discuss other shops here.

The forum is provided to you for free by Robert Bergman’s ILGM, with
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However, it’s not possible to promote other seedshops. Hope you understand!

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that’s absolutely hilarious!
First of all. At no point on the thread, or in the picture, does it EVER mention another seed bank.
Secondly, it’s a public forum. For public ideas and purchases. I understand that you don’t want people promoting other websites, but sorry to say, the Internet is a free enterprise and any link can be shared to anyone. It’s the year 2016 guys, get with the times. If you want people to buy your seeds, and not go to other websites, then you should probably DROP PRICES, GET MORE SEEDS, HAVE A BETTER SELECTION, etc. Don’t get mad at me for going else where to buy seeds.

And what kind of community would we be if I wasn’t informing other growers that they can buy cheaper seeds from other sites. It’s not my fault that you guys have such high prices.
But sure your majesty. Whatever pleases you.

And I thought ILGM had the best weed forum around. Guess I’ll have to rethink that haha

I’ll just start a thread showing the community that you’re shutting down my thread for no reason. We’ll see what others think.

… you really need to quote me trying to help someone for your little problem ?

I saw your post and you had a big detail thing how many seeds your bought from Bonsa and who the hell cares where else complete with price list if I owned this site I would have kicked your ass off

I mentioned two strains that I grew for comparison that might be of interested to him, and I named what they were, and one of them was an ilgm OGKush but unlike you I didn’t include where I got the other strain or the price list

You’re a real piece of work treez ! …you got a lot of growing up to do buddy

@Paranorman there’s no need to freak out. If you felt some type of way, you could address me like a man, not a child throwing a fit.

I used your post as evidence that it shouldn’t matter who talks about what seeds. Sorry. If you had just said that you didn’t like me quoting you, I would remove the post. Like I did.

No need to try to belittle someone though. Lol I used your post for nothing bad. Glad I got to see your true side today and what kind of person you really are.

I would have addressed you like a man if you acted like one and not a little back-stabbing broad.

What you did is one of the lowest things I’ve seen on the net in a while and the lowest thing I’ve seen on ilgm ever

I have nothing to do with your little hissy fit against ilgm and like I said above if I owned this site I would have bounced you, not just deleted your post

This is the last thing I have to say to you, so you can save your excuses and I bet you know what you can do with them too

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Ok? Sounds good

I don’t care what you have to say. Your post was deleted the second you cried.
Move on already, have a good day.

And nice edit adding “back stabbing” in front of broad, very nice touch!

If you have anything else to say to me just send it to the monitors to save me the step

In my world people like you are the lowest form of life

I’m sorry you feel so offended. I meant nothing by it. I apologize. @Paranorman
I know it doesn’t change how you feel about me anyway, but sorry for quoting you. I really didn’t think I was doing something bad or offensive or disrespectful, I swear. I’m not like that. So again, i apologize

Yes. We will allow your posts to be viewed by the community. Let’s see what they think.

As stated above; This is a free forum. It is kept free by affiliate sales and seed sales. If we do neither, then the free forum goes away. Yes, we know there are many forums out there. For the past 2 years, we have had a strong surge of membership here at ILGM. The Staff and expert membership have been thought of as one of the best MMJ communities on the W3. Nothing has changed aside from the fact that the more members you get; The more trouble makers you have to deal with. Please do not get caught up in this. Please enjoy the other 99% of interaction and support supplied here, And; Be happy.

We have always weeded out troublesome members and trolls who stifle support and cause good members to be ignored due to the burden placed on staff, team members, & friends.

Administration and Staff of :smiley:

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