New Stealth grow space on the build

Building my new grow space slowly as I can.
It has to be stealth as no one here knows I do it.
Its a metal storage cupboard with wheels (wheels arnt on yet)
It 50" wide 25" deep and 78" high and I have insulated all the walls, doors and floor with foam
It will have two 4" air inlets and one outlet with a carbon filter on the outlet.
I have hidden the inline fan in an old fridge I use as a clone and veg box to cover the noise and that is 8 feet away.
I have built an aero 4 plant system but I will be running coco again because it makes no sound and its just so simple.
It only just started and I hope to have it running in a week or so if my parts for my new light show up on time.

Installing reflective film on your own is hard lol


Add the foam insulation


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I love it! I’ve been looking for something like that to pop up on Craigslist or yardsale. I may steal some of your ideas…

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Looks awesome dude!I really want to see those lights!! And I may have found a cob led from Amazon worth buying…I will try to find it and post the link, was rated best led grow light for 2016!
One part was on back order so it will be a week or 2 before I get them.

I have a WW I will use as a mother to fill the new space when it done but for now its living in the fridge :slight_smile:

I ran out of proper duct tape so its on hold atm


Nice And Innovative :sunglasses: Hammer

Yeah I like it alot its real nice. You should totally put together kits and sell them lol you got a craft my friend

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Ok its mostly finished just waiting on some coiled wiring for between the light and power supply.
The hole setup including fans runs at just under 300w from the wall.
I sound proofed a box for the vortex fan and made a silencer for the exurst air via a fridge so it sounds like a normal fridge running.
Its very bright so I am running it at 50% atm

In stealth mode

Open Light at 50%

I put plants in to use some of the light wasted in testing

Don’t mind the wiring I am waiting on some flexi coil I have on back order.